Thursday, 4 August 2016

Lady Fenyrose will see you now

Huffle went off to the office today for a meeting which was very productive and although the outcome means lots of data and strategy work he is happy - Data Geek!! Urrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr.

The boys and I had a lazy morning. They mainly played on their tablets and I did some washing, tidied a bit and listened to the radio. It was very very hot today with temperatures getting to 34* (almost feels like 40*) so it was good we stayed inside all morning. However, late lunch we went out looking for a Pool Patch Repair Kit. Yesterday I checked websites looking for who had it in stock and found a place in our local town, but when we got there we were told they didn't have it, their website did state in tiny tiny writing that the things in there might not necessarily be in stock which makes me wonder why put it on there in the first place. Of course, I couldn't leave and had to ask............ Don't know why because I didn't get anywhere. Next we looked for Steven Filters. Our little compost bin that sits on our kitchen worktop is called Steven (Steven Tin Tin Duffy - everytime we take the kid off we sing "kiss me with your mo-outh, your love is better than wine.......) anyway, apparently this shop doesn't sell the compost bin. OH YES YOU DO said I. I Was getting a little annoyed that no-one knew what their shop sold, not helped by the fact that the man who asked if he could help me was hard of hearing but he failed to tell me this until I had asked for my product four times! The filters are now on order (the filters sit in his hat or lid and stop the smells from escaping) and I have to pick them up next week when they call me!

We went for dinner at lunchtime as we had an early journey to Football later and the boys chose our favourite burger place. We sat outside in the shade though it was still hot. My burger at this place is made with vegetables and rice and beans and is very yummy. We decided to go to the bank while we were there and got the boys bank accounts (about time, we have been trying to do this for years but they have to be there to choose their PIN numbers and sign the documents). When they asked for ID, I gave them the kids Permanent Residency Cards and I joked with the boys that I would use their Swim Cards (for the Leisure Centre) and when she asked for a second ID, they giggled because I got their cards out. They chose their PIN numbers, signed their forms and came away with their own debit cards (I shall be looking after them then!). Really they are for putting money into the account, not buying things. The staff made a huge thing of us setting up accounts. Smallest left his beloved Blue Jays hat in there so we have to pick that up tomorrow. We finished our time out by finding a pool repair kit and buying some new goggles for the pool.

When we got home we had an ice cream (I promised and it was too warm to go to the ice cream shop) and we invited MissMo round to swim in the pool while ClownRose got LittleFin off to sleep. She stayed with us for about an hour and Huffle joined us when he got home.

Small stayed at home by himself this evening while the rest of us went to Smallest's football game. The name of the road sounded like someone out of Downton Abbey. Lady Fenyrose Avenue. The game was awful, our team lost terribly again and only got one goal. The opposition got about 10. We think the ref was German or Dutch as he was very efficient and loved to blow his whistle.

We had an email earlier today that said the game was starting at 7pm and we were to be there at 7pm. Huffle was not convinced it was correct and made us get there half an hour before the start time but when we arrived Coach looked at his watch and hurried Smallest along. He then did the same to any of the boys that turned up after Smallest and made several comments after the game. Smallest came to me and said "Coach said we have to be here half an hour before the games". Of course, once again, I couldn't not say something so I went back and told him his email said 7pm to be there. He didn't believe me until I showed him and said in his defence that at the beginning of the season he said to be here half an hour before. I walked away as I couldn't be bothered. His attitude is terrible just lately. He doesn't talk to us, he makes snidey comments. I can't stand by and ignore it like Huffle can. I shout at the Coach and he shouts at the refs. We all have our triggers.

Poor Smallest was down and extremely tired. By making the boys practice half an hour (sometimes more) before a game in searing heat which is played on a poorly maintained, bumpy lumpy pitch with NO NETS, against better more organised teams and then get little snipes from the coach about times. It is not good. There are going to be some serious questions asked before we pay for the next season with this club!

Small enjoyed his three hours to himself and used it to play on his tablet and watch TV. He was in heaven!


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