Saturday, 13 August 2016


Four years and nine months we have been in this country. We have seen temperatures up to +40* and down to -40*. We suffered through Ice Storms, horrific thunder storms, extremely heavy rain, hail stones the size of golf balls, freezing rain, Cryoseism (frost quake) etc, but to hear your radio signal interrupted by an alarm from Environment Canada (and me thinking the nuclear power station had leaked) stating that your region and the region next to that has a Tornado Warning - now that's scary. Luckily, this country does seem to overexaggerate their weather warnings slightly but we still had hell of a storm with zero visibility with the heavy rain and the wind starting to get up plus extremely loud thunder and huge cracks of lightning and reports of a tornado hitting 45 minutes North of home. Very scary. So we holed up in the pub and stayed there for a while around midday.

Funny thing on our window outside

The boys all sat and watched the stoke game this morning. I missed the Leicester game as it was on too early and I was sleeping. Shame about the score but it's the first match. After the game we all went out to pick up something I had ordered (Steven filters) and then went to the bank. Yesterday, with the kids, we shopped for a few items that came to about $15 and I used my debit card and tapped it (love this feature, so quick). When we got home Huffle asked why there was money missing from one of the kids accounts (honestly he knows everything we pay for, must be lots of fun at Christmas for him). My debit card had accessed Small's account and taking the money out of there. Oh no! That's not right. So today we sorted it and put it back to its original amount. Silly bank lady! Then we went to get some dinner before I departed from the rest of my family for an adventure in Toronto with ClownRose to see a theatre production that her best friend was in. However, that all changed with the weather warning. We arrived at the pub just in time for torrential rain, thunder and lightning and Huffle wondering if we should just go home. We decided to stay and eat and I stupidly asked for a beer forgetting that I was driving my own car home in order for ClownRose to pick me up. I asked the Manager if I could take it home for later and he laughed and asked if I was mad. He asked did they let you do that in England and I had no idea as I hadn't ever done it, though we did used to walk out of the pubs with our beer when I was younger.

I left the others and drove through an horrific storm where I couldn't even see the car in front of me and everyone had their hazard lights on or were pulled over waiting for it to subside. It was horrible. ClownRose and I made the decision not to go because the storm was in Toronto too. What a Shame, we never get to go out (grumpy face). Huffle and the boys came home via the library once the weather was a little bit better.

Mid afternoon we all played a game of Pokemon Master Trainer and Smallest became the latest Pokemon Master. The boys were all going to the wave pool today as well, so they were disappointed too. The worst of the storm seemed to pass us but there were freaky clouds in the sky. The garden got a very thorough watering thank goodness.

I can see a face. Huffle sees a rockabilly and Smallest sees a duck!
Messing around with our Olympic Facebook settings but disappointed we don't have UK tattoos.

Huffle and I left the boys playing on their tablets, once we knew the weather was clear, and went off for a little shop for cake decorating things and a stock up of nuts and seeds (we are so Rock n Roll).

Later we all watched Angry Birds (almost all of it, finish it tomorrow). It rained some more and we had more thunder.

Huffle and I watched the late night Olympics. Such good viewing.

P.s. For Grandad : I missed the Leicester game, Leicester lost, weather was horrendous, I had to drive in said weather, I had to leave my beer, I didn't get a pudding, My day out was cancelled, I never caught any Pokemon and lost the game, the queue was bad at Zehrs, I didn't find an IPad cover........... Just sayin' ;)


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