Tuesday, 16 August 2016

Lick yer apron?

It rained all through the night and it rained for most of the day. It has cooled down considerably but it's still warm. We have storms and rain forecast for the rest of the week, except tomorrow which is supposed to be nice and sunny.

Huffle worked from the basement all day. Small got up late and was tired all day (too many late nights watching the Olympics and Bourne films).

We didn't really do a lot today. Work was cancelled due to the bad weather and MrsM has a trip to New York next week so we are postponing gardening now until September when it will be cooler and nicer to garden in. The boys played together quite well on their tablets and on the Wii. We also played Junior Monopoly together. Small won.

I Facetimed Moo and we had a good catch up while I knitted my sock and then I took Smallest to the doctors for a 12:15 appointment where we didn't get seen until just after 1pm. Luckily we took a pack of cards and played a few games plus I taught him a magic trick.

Now the doctors. This was a follow-up appointment after our time in Emergency whilst on holiday when he was diagnosed with asthma (or azma as it is pronounced here). The doctor listened to our experience and decided he didn't think Smallest had Asthma at all. He said there is no way a person with asthma could bark like a seal. He said it took years of experience to know the difference (after he asked how old the doctor was that diagnosed him) but that he thought he had croup (but he used a different word I can't remember) instead. He listened to his chest and back and said it was clear. He agreed that the steroids was the best treatment at the time but is now referring him to a breathing specialist to rule out asthma. This referral will take time as Smallest is not currently having problems. Well that's not what I expected but we'll see what happens. While I was there I questioned the secretary about Small's General surgery referral (for the bump on his foot) as we haven't heard anything. She is going to look into it and get someone to call me back.

This evening, all the boys went off to Smallest's practice. Huffle and Small had a kick about but it was very windy and quite cool. I went off to CS's house to help her decorate her Mum's 50th Anniversary cake. We worked for three hours on it, making flowers for her three tier cake. She wanted it classy and elegant and we were pleased with the overall effect.

We worked very well together and made a good team. I had much difficulty with the piping of Happy Anniversary but luckily it was on a surface I could rub off, so I had several goes at it. She was extremely pleased and we managed to get it all wrapped and into the freezer until it's unveiling on Saturday for the party she is organising. She is also doing all of the food. Clever lady. We have a lot in common, so hopefully we will continue our friendship.

...and this is the lovely Bailey who lovingly licked my apron when I finished and waited for me to drop things!



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