Wednesday, 10 August 2016

Hot Muffins


Last night I put the sprinkler on the vegetable patch as I didn't want to stand around with the hose (just showered and not many clothes on). I forgot to turn it off and it stayed on all night. I remembered when I woke this morning and Huffle jumped out of bed and ran to turn it off. Funnily enough, it doesn't look that wet considering. I thought we would have emptied the well but apparently it fills from other sources, phew! At least we won't need to water for a few days. Shame we didn't leave in on at the front, that's is so dry. I watered it in the evening and it was so dry, the plants are really suffering. C'mon rain we need you.

Today was a work day and the boys begrudgingly came with me. I went to get some Comfrey Tea for MrsM and dropped the jar I use into the mixture. I didn't have gloves on and tried to get it out using a stick and a hook. It is in there for good now, I couldn't get it out. Not sure why we bothered going today as it was far too hot to do anything and we ended up doing very little and then having an enormous coffee break. The boys brought home three caterpillars and dill for them to live on. We have put them in the terrarium again, hopefully we can keep these alive long enough to the see them do something. Jan made us Peach Muffins with a crumble topping and the boys had a YoNana ice cream made from a frozen banana, raspberries and mango. It was nice but I don't think we will be getting one. I fed her veggies with the comfrey mix and then we came home to cool down.

I saw on Facebook it was World Orangutan Day and Twycross Zoo (our local zoo back home) was giving free entrance to all red haired people. Excellent.

The boys read and then we had lunch with Huffle. After lunch Small made Chocolate Courgette Cake and Smallest made Ginger Muffins with Vanilla Icing. They did a lovely job and there was no fighting (not at that moment anyway). This afternoon they played on their tablets until they got upset with each other and I took Smallest to Suffolks house to water her plants and check if the sprinkler system was working. They are in England for three weeks and one week has gone by so far. It doesn't look like the sprinkler has been working and everything was really dry, dead or dying. Unfortunately some of the new plants weren't planted deep enough and when I asked Smallest to dead head a plant, the whole thing came out. Eeeeekkkkkk. Think we might have to start again when she gets back. IT'S SOOOOOO HOT and we haven't had any rain for ages!!!!!

When we got back Small had practiced piano and was reading and we all tried to make up the Monopoly Jigsaw Game. It is really complicated and we started it ages ago. I have given us until the end of the Summer holidays to finish it else it goes back to the charity shop.

After dinner Small and Huffle went off to football (12-5) and Smallest and I stayed at home and watched Monsters Inc University.


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