Thursday, 25 August 2016

Tangela and a Terrible (Ref)

Good nights sleep resulting in me feeling a lot better this morning, although my sore throat is back and now Huffle is not feeling too good with a wibbly tummy and a sore throat.

After a whole day inside yesterday, I felt like I had cabin fever today. Huffle worked in the basement and after a morning of playing and gadgets, the boys and I went out late morning for a walk in the local town, Pokemon catching and meeting up with Huffle and having lunch in a pub.

The boys and I had a good walk, stocked up on PokeBalls, caught a few Pokemon and even left a Pokemon in the gym (whatever that means). Huffle left us to go back to work and we walked back to the car, taking in a few shops on the way. The boys started arguing and ended up not talking to each other. I think they have just had enough of being with each other every single day. I decided, on the drive home, to pick up one of Small's friends and he came back and played with Small for a couple of hours. They played on the Wii and table tennis. His Dad is not well and has the stomach flu so there is certainly bad stuff going round and he was sneezing all around me last week!

I tried to sit on the porch and watch TV and knit but DonNoQuotey decided to cut the grass and his sound won above mine. Smallest got upset today because his tablet stopped working and Small wouldn't let him play with him and Al so I sat upstairs with him and built Lego (I was actually chief-finder-of-prices and I was very good at it so Smallest said).

Early evening we went to Smallest's football game. There was storm forecast (a tornado hit Southern Ontario last night, not near us) and we actually got the game started early. Today's referee was officious and inconsistent (out of our favour again). He wouldn't let the subs on until the subbed were off the field. He ignored the other team bad tackling ours but had a stern talking to Smallest when he tackled them. He told him he was a bad boy and was never ever to do that again and yet when they performed a worse tackle on him, he let them play on. When one of theirs tackled one of ours to the ground and left him lying motionless, he said nothing. The parents (of our team) were trying to get our coach to stop the game and take our boys off and he was very close to doing so. Apparently at the beginning of the game, the ref told both teams he did not want to see any 'cherry picking' and yet they had a striker constantly standing near the goal waiting to take goals, which he did. We lost but only 4-3. The coach had a word with the ref at the end but I'm not sure it did any good! Huffle was heard to be singing "in your Vaughan slums...............".

Small stayed at home and played on his tablet and made his own tea. There was some thunder but only a little bit and we had rain.



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