Sunday, 21 August 2016

I had three clean sheets at the back*

It rained again but it didn't wake us.

After breakfast we went to the lake and walked around 7km along the lake, partly on the beach and over a bridge or two. Huffle had put Pokemon Go on his phone so the boys could play along the way. Huffle is now at Level 5. Smallest played on mine for a short while and made me run out of Pokeballs! Smallest took a bouncy ball with him and we bounced it along the trail. We thought it would be a good cycle track and might have a go next week.

It was a warm but cloudy day and the breeze coming off the lake was lovely and just cooling enough. We sat on the Beach with our snack relaxing for a while before we turned around and walked back.

We found an Italian for dinner and apart from them getting Smallest's order wrong and him having to wait until we had nearly finished ours, it was nice. We drove miles away to find a new Gelato place and the boys all had one but I didn't because I didn't fancy any of the flavours today.

Back home, we Skyped Grandma and Grandad on the porch.

Smallest and Huffle went to football practice and Small and I stayed at home and tried to watch the closing ceremony of the Olympics but we got bored. When Huffle came home we started the next Bourne film.


*a direct quote from Grandad (possibly regarding his fantasy football team).


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