Wednesday, 31 August 2016

Double Yoker

I had one of ExerciseNic's eggs for my breakfast. I chose the biggest one and it was a double yoke. Yummy.

Once again it was quite warm and the boys weren't interested in doing too much. Smallest did say he would come shopping with me but when the time came for me to go, he decided to stay at home. They played on their tablets until I got back and then helped to put it all away. I was obviously feeling nostalgic for 'home' today as I purchased United Kingdom Cheese and Onion Crisps, Canadian video for these here. English Style Cream Crackers, Heinz Baked Beans, Haribo Cola Bottles, Starmix and Tangtastic (probably not British but we know them from there) and English Style Ginger Snaps. The sweets for for my three boys and they happily swapped some with each other.

This afternoon I sent the boys out for some exercise. They did five minutes of basketball, a bit of swingball and then came in to play table tennis because it was too hot. I attempted some gardening and managed to move a plant, dig a small piece of ground and dead head but that's it. I was too warm also. Instead I made two quiches as we have an abundance of eggs presently though I used supermarket ones as the free range organic ones have only just arrived. I spring (summer) cleaned the fridge while waiting for them to cook.

House League football is now finished until the Winter season so tonight we had nothing on at all. We took full advantage of this and all went for a 6.5km walk through the Hamlet and around the countryside and back. It was very nice. Huffle hatched two Pokemon eggs and Smallest tried three different apples off different wild trees (not yet ripe). It was a good walk with perfect temperature but our feet ached when we got back.

Smallest and I discussed what we would do in a Bear attack (basically I would scream and he would come and save me, or he would trump and run away and the bear would follow it...........), and about kissing girls. He said that he will not kiss girls until college and he would definitely tell me, well probably, actually he wasn't sure!

This evening we introduced Smallest to The Great British Bake Off. He saw the first round before bed and said he will watch the rest tomorrow morning. I particularly liked the gingerbread part as I have constructed many a gingerbread house and failed at many too. It is not an easy thing to do. Can't believe they didn't use any egg cups - they are instrumental to making the best structures!!! Small watched it with us to the end. I might have to make some this week. I would also like to have a go at making the Viennese whirls - ummmmm.


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AA said...

I think that Welsh one needed some egg cups...