Tuesday, 23 August 2016

Stock piling

The boys came, voluntarily, to Costco with me today. Smallest wanted to sample all the delights on offer and Small wanted to make sure I bought him some Brookside (dark chocolate covered fruit and grains thing he likes). There wasn't too much to sample though today as they were still setting up and cooking but smallest successfully tried Chocolate Milk, Chicken Breast, Sausage, Key Lime Yoghurt and Cranberries covered in dark chocolate and unsuccessfully tried Crab (almost resulting in him throwing it back up), Coconut Water (it was disgusting) and JalapeƱo stuff on cracker.

This afternoon I left the boys playing outside on the trampoline and with the Swingball (and probably on their tablets once I left) and went to see ShopkeeperEl for some help with my sock heel again. She put me right and then I picked up some food and cleaning stuff I couldn't get at Costco.

Halloween stuff out already

While I was out, Grandma messaged to say she was thinking of booking for a March visit and then Moo Facetimed to say she was thinking of booking for December. They had spoken to each other about the latest deals on BA and were taking full advantage. The boys decided they were going to bake again so Small made his Courgette Chocolate Loaf all by himself bar the grating of the courgette and the putting in and taking out of the oven. It was excellent once again. Smallest decided to make Toffee and Cream Muffins (which uses Werthers and are my favourite). Once he started bashing the Werthers, Moo decided to leave us to it. I helped with the Muffins but he did most of it by himself. They were deliciously decadent.

Smallest had an early football practice this evening so we made do with a Jacket Potato for dinner and then all went. Small and I have decided we are going to get fit (me) and fast (him) so we started some walk/jogging around the football fields. Huffle joined us in walking and Small and Huffle started hatching their Pokemon Eggs. Huffle needed to walk 10km and he just kept going and going and going. Small did really well jogging, considering he does not like running or walking particularly. I had to give up after half an hour because I got a blister from not wearing my trainers for ages. I watched Smallest practice instead. The other two carried on for most of the practice and Huffle still couldn't get his egg hatched. When we got home Small walked up and down the garden until it hatched into a Syther (I think). Coach gave Small and Smallest a book about football skills. He is creeping!

This evening Small, Huffle and I finished off the second Bourne film.

Smallest has seemed fine today, I am still a bit dizzy and hot, no sore throat now but I feel a bit nauseous at times and I have a couple of ulcers on my tongue which normally means I am run down.


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