Wednesday, 24 August 2016

Kaboo and Pat lose their game ha!

I woke up feeling awful. Really hot and very sick. Unfortunately for the boys, I spent the rest of the day with waves of sickness and going from hot to cold. They were brilliant and came and gave me cuddles, helped me make dinner later and kept checking I was okay.

Huffle put the air con on to cool me down and insisted I did nothing. Apart from a load of washing and some sweeping, I didn't do much really.

Smallest played Guess Who with me in the morning and we played Super Mario Bros late afternoon and Smallest played Catan with me. They both played on their tablets, read and built some Lego. I did some knitting.

For dinner Small made meatballs and Smallest cooked them while I made the sauce and cooked my veggies. Last time we went shopping they chose Rigatoni as their preferred pasta and we had that too.

Tonight was Small's last but one tournament and Smallest went. They won and are in the final. I stayed at home as I felt so tired and weary. I was cold so I sat on the porch and watched TV and knit.


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