Monday, 1 August 2016

Chilled Civic Calzone

Happy Civic Day. Don't know what it means or what it's for but it was very welcome. We do know it is half way through the kids school holidays so it was nice that Huffle could spend it with us.

ExerciseNic and her family in their OLD car passing by like royalty

Another hot day though very cloudy. Still quite humid. Which is why we decided to spend it by the pool today. We had a very slow morning with a game of Niagara. Great game but it takes me a whole game to work out what I should be doing and by then someone has won and I'm wondering why I'm so far behind. Ha! That's the problem with having a husband and two boys who are very good at strategising. The boys spent some time on their tablets while Huffle and I went to clean the pool.

It wasn't too bad. A nice shade of pale blue, clearish but with nothing really to clean. So we got in instead and spent some quality time all by ourselves swimming and floating on lilo's and rings (some time ago I said I didn't know the word for lilo here - I have since found out it is Water Mattress!!!!). It was very relaxing and quiet so we spoiled it by telling the kids to come and join us.

We all played Pool Hide and Seek. The boys played Noodle Wars and then we had a break playing on our gadgets until Huffle Skyped Grandma and Grandad. I'm not sure if I have said before and if I haven't, well I am bragging, but we now have a faster wifi. It has gone from 6 to 25. Wahoooooo. It also now reaches (almost without interruption) up to the pool. Huffle is very happy, however we have now lost our landline phone, not that we are that bothered by it because we only ever get calls from people selling. We are thinking of getting rid of it and just using our mobiles (cell phones).

We had lunch at the pool, read, played a couple of games of Monopoly Millionaire, a bit more gadget time, some more swimming and a whirlpool made by Smallest and Huffle.

Early evening we went in a made Calzone. It worked perfectly. It was delicious and we have enough for dinner tomorrow. We watched Robot Wars whilst eating and then the boys watched their TV while Huffle and I sat on the porch and enjoyed the last of the evening sun.


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