Friday, 26 August 2016

The medal is in your head.

There is a field about 2km away that appears to be receiving waste soil from nearby building projects. Apparently builders/contractors etc have to pay to dispose of this and I'm guessing as the farmer can't use this particular field at the moment, he is letting builders dump stuff there. The only problem is that we can hear the dumping from our house and very early in the morning you hear the constant beep beep beep of lorries reversing and the annoying 'dump' noise. So that, and the constant dog barking that went on last night, made for a bad nights/morning sleep.

After breakfast, I picked up Small's friend GoalieAL and off we went to trampolining where we met up with Smallest's friend Dan from football, his middle sister and their mum (lovely pregnant lady Angel). We had booked an hour's slot for 10:30 and after all the waiver filling out and buying of special grippy socks, we stood around waiting for them to be let on. They all did lots of jumping, Dodgeball and Slam Dunk plus some foaming. They had a great time but all were sweaty and hot when they finished.

We came home and brought Al with us who stayed for lunch and part of the afternoon. The boys all played on the Wii until Smallest got kicked out for killing Mario!!! Smallest and I played Stack Em up on the porch while I knitted.

This afternoon I picked veg, watered plants and generally tidied. Too hot again today to do much outside.

This evening was the last of CoachHuffle and Small's tournament. Smallest and I went along to cheer. They won 9-3. It was an excellent game although Huffle could have done with some Valium as he was quite excitable and very sweary. There were no trophies or medals at the end but the pizza man did arrive and left us a huge box plus water. I heard Huffle tell one of the boys on his team "the medal is in your head".

Smallest lent us one of his trophies for the photo.

Well done Huffle for an excellent season of coaching. The team loved him and some of the coaches (not PatP or WHAT) respected his knowledge and passion. Very well done to Small who captained the team to a well deserved win. Special mention has to go to the two mum's (or whoever they were) of the twins de-de and mi-mi for tonight's cheer leading and also to Smallest for his mascotness.


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