Friday, 5 August 2016

Knit one, Mend Two, Clean Many

Huffle didn't sleep well because he had a terrible headache. Honestly it is so hot outside and when you have to sit in it for over an hour (watching a terrible football game) it's bad! He did have a hat on but it's so intense. I'm sure we've had Summers like this before but I can't remember it being quite so hot and humid for so long. It is supposed to break this evening with rain and storms and then get a little cooler.

The boys spent most of their morning watching TV and playing on their tablets (after their bedrooms were tidied) and I went off to Knitting to have ShopkeeperEl look at my sock. I think she has sorted me out but we'll see. It was nice to go today and I enjoyed my coffee and talk with her, despite the only other two in there being a bit boring. One talked about her cat endlessly even though I told her I didn't like cats and the others one was a know-it-all who just knows everything!!!!

On the way home I picked up some nice things for lunch. The boys watched more TV, made a mess in the living room and then proceeded to have a fight where one of them got marked quite badly. We were on our way to the pool to cool off and for Huffle and Small to dive down and fit the patch over the leak and I told them they would spend the afternoon doing chores to keep them out of trouble.

We had a quick play in the pool as the clouds were looking quite black and Big and Small mended (well we hope) the leak and we all cleared away while Huffle went back to work.

This involved putting glue on the patch, covering it with glue and folding it over, diving down and unfolding the patch and sticking it over the leak. Then they took it in turns diving down and making sir the patch was sealed. However, some of the corners kept coming up so they had to take the glue under water and try to glue the edges. NOT EASY

This afternoon I wrote a list of things I wanted doing around the house and they each chose what they wanted to do until the list was done. They cleaned the two bathroom mirrors and the sliding door. Wiped the surfaces in the bathrooms emptied the stair basket and cleared the top of the basement stairs and vacuumed their rooms and the computer room. They did a good job and they kept out of trouble. I swept and mopped (and knocked over my mop bucket all over the wooden floor!!) downstairs and tidied and Smallest then helped me with dinner. Small was very grumpy about the amount of work he did and wouldn't talk to me for ages. He says he is my friend now. I said that I hoped next time they thought about fighting they wouldn't becuase they knew they would have to do an afternoon of chores.

Huffle spent a good part of today without internet due to Bell coming to fix our telephone (he was not happy) and then part of the early evening trying to sort out Netflix. It hasn't been working properly for ages and they partly fixed it but it's not working again. He is not happy twice! I have been having trouble playing IPlayer from my IPad and have been sending emails to the BBC. I think it's working now. I'm happy.

We had dinner and then the boys and I played TopTrumps until Small and Huffle went off to football. There was no referee tonight and Huffle was unhappy that the game didn't feel official and a couple of the boys were acting immature. They still won. Smallest and I played Connect4 and he watched TV while I tried to sort out Netflix with the help of the online support. It's still not quite working correctly.



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