Monday, 8 August 2016

Fast Pokemon Food

At breakfast this morning Moo Facetimed us and joined me with my morning coffee. The kids kind of talked to her in their usual silly way. Moo was looking at our weather forecast which was 29* today, 31 tomorrow, 32 Wednesday and Thursday and Friday a stormy 31*. That is why we chose to go to our local town, Stouffville, and have a Pokemon Go hunt and spend our gift cards we have accumulated from Fast Food outlets (people seem to give them out as party favours here).

Smallest's BOB being de-dusted

We got ready slowly and ended up in the town by about 11am. We parked the car and started walking. We only have Pokemon Go on my phone so we took it in turns. (Well the boys did, I hardly got a look in). We chose to swap each time we caught two or three Pokemon. We were out for 3.5 hours and it was really hot. We dodged in between the shaded areas but at times there was none.

We caught many Pokemon, walked a good distance in order to hatch our eggs and picked up potions and extra eggs. Our first gift card we used was a $5 one for Subway (none of us like Subway and the last time I went in there was when my car broke down and I bought Moo and I a coffee from there). Anyway, we chose a cookie and a drink each which came to about $8. This is when I realised I had left my purse (money purse) on the table at home. I was so embarrassed so I asked the lady to take away a drink so we could pay with just the card. It then cost $5.25 and I didn't even have the quarter (25c) to pay and she had to take it out of her tips jar. They were really nice in there and could have been quite awkward. We ate our cookies and shared our two drinks and called Huffle to help us. He drove to us during his lunch break. We were very grateful and did walk quite a way so he wouldn't have to go through the busy town.

He drove us to the nearest supermarket and we picked up a baguette and some laughing cow triangles and crisps for our lunch. We gave him a share of our baguette and he went home to eat it (he was still in his PJ's). We ate our laughing cow and crisp filled baguette by the side of the road under a shaded tree.

We then walked back to Subway and put a loony ($1) in their tip jar. The lady said it was okay and we didn't have to but I wanted to. Next we carried on walking, collecting Pokemon and stops on the way until we got to Tim Hortons where we purchased some Boston Cream Do-nuts and some ice cold drinks with our $5 card. This lot cost us about $8 in total. We didn't eat these but carried them all the way back to car later where they melted a bit and got squished. In the meantime we went to McDonalds.

For those that know us really well, you will know that we do not take the kids to McDonalds (or go ourselves) and up to today have always been really proud that for the last 12.5 years we haven't been in one except for a toilet break (and that was in Rome!). However today we had a gift card and the boys have never had a McFlurry so that is what we went for. Normally we don't even have whippy ice cream becuase it's disgusting, not real and I worry about the equipment not being clean. So, three Brownie McFlurries cost us around $7.50 and once again we had a $5 card. I am quite ashamed of myself for taking the boys here but I don't think it'll change their minds on the place. I didn't really enjoy the flurry, it was too big and I felt a bit yucky for hours afterwards (could have been the heat but we'll say it was the place, though it was nice and cool in there)

Our last card was for Menchies the frozen yoghurt place which was too far to walk or even to drive today so we have saved that for another day. We also have a sports shop one but that will be another time too. We had to walk back a really long way and it was even hotter with less shade but it was an interesting day and something different we haven't done before. When I asked Smallest what his favourite part was he said the cookie!

We picked up the car and drove back to the supermarket to buy food for the week and the came home and jumped in the pool to cool off. The water seemed much cooler today and I couldn't stay in too long, plus I had dinner to get ready.

The boys played on the their tablets while I made dinner. After dinner we watched Robot Wars (BBC - mine still isn't working correctly but the Head of BBC emailed me to ask if I would complete a survey - oh yes but not until you have fixed my problem. What a cheek). Much later we all went in the pool and played but it was too cold to stay in for long.



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