Friday, 12 August 2016

Light gone 'ere, days are shorter!

Feeling hot hot hot! 33*. Pool temperature 28*. Very humid, very hot. Storms didn't appear and we still haven't had rain.

The boys and I left Huffle in his bunker and went off to knitting. First we went to pick up TheEnglishRose. As we arrived her husband called me. "HELLO, ARE YOU HERE? WAS THAT YOU JUST PULLED UP? THERES SOMETHING GOING ON IN TOWN SO YOU MIGHT NOT BE ABLE TO PARK. ITS VERY HOT, SHE DOESNT LIKE THE HEAT. WHAT TIME ARE YOU BRINGING HER BACK". arrrrggggghhhhhh. I told him I would look after her and bring her back at the normal time and said goodbye. Apparently he is driving her crazy and she was happy to be out of the house for a couple of hours. He is very old but he does worry about EVERYTHING! She asked me the names of the boys and got in the car. Which one is Small she said. Small raised his hand. "Ahhhhh hello big boy Small" she said. Then she looked at Smallest and said "so you must be little boy small then". The boys thought it was funny she called them the same name, good job they are polite and didn't say anything.

The boys went in the shop before me because I have to maneuver TERose in and up the steps. ShopkeeperEl looked at Small (she hasnt seen him for at least a year) and said "did you drive here?". We had a funny session today. El taught me a new heel 'fish lips kiss' which is not easy to concentrate on when there is plenty of chat going on. However, I did it and I was very pleased with it and myself. The boys were telling jokes to MrsBasement, Mim and TERose but unfortunately TERose has a hearing problem. KNOCK KNOCK (says Smallest). What do I say, says TER. You say Who's There says I. Oh Who's there? I eat mop (says Smallest). Ice Pop? Says TER. No, I eat mop says Smallest. What did he say? Says TER. I eat mop says I. Oh I eat Mop says TER oh okay. And that was the end of the joke. She forgot the who, Smallest was laughing too much to end the joke and I nearly wet myself. Poor TER, she had no idea but laughed along anyway because we all were. ShopkeeperEl said I was bad but it was so funny! I also stopped a fight from happening between two of the ladies who were getting quite heated and upset. Fancy that, me stopping a fight instead of starting one.

We shopped briefly on the way home and had lunch with Huffle before he rushed off to take a call. This afternoon we went in the pool. It was lovely in there and we filled it up with the hose (though the leak seems to have been fixed - well done diving team). We spent a good few hours in there and brought MissMol over to play with us too. Smallest is so good with her, giving her piggy backs in the water and throwing her noodles to help her swim. Small left us and went inside because he was losing patience with Smallest today. They are really getting on each other's nerves.

After dinner, Small and Huffle went to football where they won 11-4. Huffle was very pleased to beat Mr Muscle and Small said the ref was useless. Smallest and I watched a film - The boy in the dress. It was okay and he enjoyed it. It was the book we asked for in the Christian shop on holiday. He still hasn't read it.

Tonight we watched Gardenerrs World and I am a tit head (there you go Grandad, you'll be pleased) because I already laid comfrey leaves as a mulch on the boys pumpkin plants. Ha!



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