Thursday, 11 August 2016

Just keep swimming

36*. High humidity and storms due. So hot! So dry. The poor garden is suffering. I moved the hose round to the side and tried to water the garden there but I could have been there for hours and I wouldn't have done enough. I watched a video with Alan Titchmarsh explaining the best way to water and when and was pleased to see he suggested watering in the evening (which is what we do despite everyone telling us we shouldn't) and watering close the roots of the plants but that's impossible when you have a garden like ours.

Huffle went in to the office this morning and the boys and I mainly stayed inside in the air conditioning. All morning they played on their gadgets and watched TV. I also watched TV but did a bit of organising, tidying and made our dinner for later.

After lunch we decided to go to the cinema. Best place when it's so hot outside. We watched Finding Dory and the cinema was quite empty. So empty in fact that Smallest got to lie down. We enjoyed the film. It was obviously nowhere near as good as Finding Nemo but the kids liked it.

New film coming soon TROLLS

After dinner, Smallest and Huffle went to football practice (no game tonight). They had a water balloon fight to keep them cool but Smallest didn't get very wet as he said that no-one threw at him because he was too good!

Small and I stayed at home and after my watering we played Monopoly with the quick dice. He beat me and bankrupted me fairly quickly.

Later Small, Huffle and I finished our film, Interstellar. It was very long and quite complicated but very good too.


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