Saturday, 4 November 2017

16 hours of football games

As of yesterday, the football statistics between Stoke and Leicester were that they played 99 games together, with 33 draws and 33 wins for both sides. Today marked the 100th game so tensions were high in our house. Unfortunately we didn't get to see the first half as Huffle and I got up at 6:30am to get Smallest to his football game for 8am. Breakfast was very hurried and a tired group of people left Small in bed waiting for the Stoke v Leicester game. He did have instructions to empty and fill the dishwher (actually that's not true. Last night I asked if he would help me empty the dishwasher and he said NO, he would do it for me by himself in the morning). which he had nearly done.

Smallest's game was a 6-0 win. Today Huffle's 'Football friend' (you have to say this in a very high voice -aka Inbetweeners) told us he now likes Arsenal (statutory spit to the side). Last week it was ManCity and ManU. OMG! He was horrified when we both pulled faces and pretend-spat. We think he is very turnable and it is now our mission to get him to support one of our teams. Last week he told us how wonderful his son was and this week he told us how wonderful his daughter was. Well if your parents can't big you up then who can? Smallest played very well and long.

Back home we settled in to watch the second half of the game. Much as I would have liked to have seen a Leicester win today, I felt the draw was the best result for the good of the house and harmony. I won't mention that Stoke haven't won against Leicester for ten years! Ha! And they still haven't!!!!

Lunchtime we went out for fish and chips but no walk as we were all tired. Plus it was cold and we didn't have outer wear. So we came home and put away all the Halloween decorations and sorted the shoes. New boots are required for both kids once again this year. Huffle and I had a good tidy up in the SunRoom.

The boys played on their tablets and on FIFA. I made flapjack and we sat and watched an XFactor. Can't believe we still haven't caught up - I'm bored with it all already. Huffle and I watched AnExtraSlice while the boys played.

At 8:30pm just as Smallest was going to bed, Huffle took Small for his football game. Wow it's been a long day. I made another Gingerbread man but I forgot his trousers. This evening I snuggled up under the blanket and watched a film and made Gingerbread man with shorts. My thoatt is so sore, I hope I'm not getting a cold!

Small's team won 5-0. Yay. The clocks go back tonight so I snook into the boys rooms to change their clocks. Don't want them getting up too early. We were going to look for new Winter boots tomorrow but the weather is going to be nasty. In fact, it's already started. Very windy, very rainy all night and all through tomorrow!

From tomorrow we will be back to five hours behind UK.

This little beauty surprised us today by being the brightest thing in our garden. It really shouldn't be blooming right now but it is very lovely.


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