Thursday, 23 November 2017

Just a wee hat*

Another night's sleep. I'm getting used to this. Still coughing but few and far between now. Huffle thinks it's mainly when I go from warm to cold and cold to warm.

Huffle let me have a lie in this morning as he had taken the day off to get a break from his boring data processing and to watch Smallest's Cricket tournament. He made the boys' lunches with help from Smallest. Nice - thank you family for my lie-in, it was much appreciated.

Huffle and I had a lovely morning of watching TheApprentice and TheDetectorists whilst eating our breakfast. So lazy. We then made meatballs and a sauce for dinner later before getting ready to go out for to watch smallest play Cricket. We took two cars so I could collect Small from Band practice later.

The Cricket was non-stop Cricket, which amused Huffle greatly. There were six stumps, and a wiffle ball with lots of holes in it, suffice to say it doesn't go too far. The Cricket bat was plastic and small. It is a very frantic game and we had two teams today, an older one and a younger one. Smallest was in the younger one. They had three games each and then a final which just happened to be our two teams against each other. Huffle and I missed one game when we went to grab some lunch at the local TimHortons.

I missed the last game fetching Small but the older team won in the end and Smallest's team came 2nd. Yay, well done Smallest - he is very tired and achey. He has played three volleyball games, one football practice and four cricket games in two days. Poor thing.

After dinner, the boys played FIFA, Huffle had a hot bath and watched cricket (more cricket?) and I crocheted.


*Whilst at the the cricket tournament, Huffle went for a wee and dropped his hat down the toilet before he flushed it! Eeeuuugghhhhh


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