Saturday, 25 November 2017

The ref's got a unibrow

A nice sleep, a good lie-in, yay it's the weekend.

The boys all watched the Stoke game (2-1 defeat) whilst eating breakfast. I cleared and cleaned the kitchen and finished a Christmas chicken which was supposed to be piano inspired for MrsPiano but it has somehow morphed into a zebra/chicken. I might still give it to her though I'm not sure how well received it will be.

We all got ready and went out to Smallest's football which just happened to be in the same dome as he was playing cricket in a few days ago. As soon as we walked in one of the mums said "is he wearing white, it's white shirt today", AND HELLO TO YOU RUDE LADY! Smallest played extremely well today (I know I'm biased but really he did). Even his coach was shouting out good things to him today as well as various parents. He definitely got an assist (Grandad!!$$). He hurt his hamstring but not badly and we rewarded him with choice of dinner place. He chose Fish and Chips.

On our way home we popped to the supermarket for wool (more Christmas presents), maple syrup (staple) and potatoes, among other things.

At home Smallest had a nice hot relaxing bath and Small chose his seven subjects for his final exam in Grade9. He has to do an essay which will give him 15% towards his final score. He had some interesting topics to choose from. He has to go to English on Monday and hope he gets the ones he wants. It's a first come first served basis and none can be repeated. I made Gingerbread and Smallest cut them out. I wanted to see how many would fit into a Bauble for more Christmas ideas.

Huffle and I did some online Christmas shopping, the boys played on FIFA and we all watched ImACelebrity until 7:30pm when Small and Huffle went off for Small's football game leaving Smallest and I at home to watch a film. Small wore the wrong shirt and ended up in his last clubs top instead of his new one.

The referee was officious and wore gloves much to Huffle's disgust (it wasn't cold in there).

Small had to play in goal for the second half. To make the coach, who is useles and doesn't understand football, realise that Small does not like to be a goalie, he kicked it out and basically did as much wrong as possible whilst also having a bit of fun.



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