Sunday, 19 November 2017

I played golf with NookieBear

OMG I have coughed so much, my tummy muscles are really hurting me. I couldn't breathe when we went to bed last night and everytime I lay down I started wheezing and coughing. Not nice. In the end I had to have my inhaler which is a rare thing and yet I had three puffs yesterday. At least it helped. I had pains in my heart and I thought I was going to have a heart attack. Really I just wanted the fireman in my bedroom but Huffle was having none of it! When you call 911 here, you get Police, Fire and Ambulance, whichever is closer at the time gets here first as they are all trained in emergency medical situations. Mind you, I've seen the local firemen!! Huffle also told me last night that he would take me to the top of Poo Hill (our equivalent of Old John in BradgatePark where GrandadIc used to walk Grandad and AuntPear when they had an illness - it sorted them right out). When we told the boys where we were going they looked at us in disgust and downright refused!

I ended up in the loft again from 3am and it was freezing up there. Luckily I had put the warmer sheet on the bed so once I got in and under the blanket, it wasn't too bad. It was a terrible night for all of us because the wind was so noisy. Howling round the house, I thought the roof would fly away. We also had snow and there was a thin blanket on the ground. By the time we all got up (at least 9am) the bright sunshine had melted half of it but it started again around midday. We were forecast around 5-10cm. I'm ready for the cold now to get rid of those awful germs and bugs!

Almost looks like a split summer/winter photo - 9am ish

This morning, Huffle decided I was having a day off making pancakes and Small chose to make Scrambled Egg. It was very good, it's been a long time since he made that for us all.

The boys played on their tablets for a while. Today we listened to RadioX. The boys were complaining that they played the same five songs all the time. Huffle and I disagreed and wrote down all the songs they were playing. I think we made our point. There were no repeat songs and it took hours before a repeat artist was played.

We spent the day inside. We finished our StarWars2 film and started No3. We also watched I'm A Celeb live. We played Prehistoric Park and realised it's about 11 years old. Huffle won. Later we played Skip-Bo and Huffle won that too.

Small finished his homework. Huffle made dinner for us. Hoping for a decent night's sleep as we are all suffering now. The snow never came, it's coming through the night.


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