Friday, 10 November 2017

Perfect weather for polar bears

So it snowed before we went to bed and I knew it would carry on for a few more hours. Why then was I so surprised when I looked out of the window to see this...........

We packed the boys off this morning with hats, gloves, long trousers (obviously) and one had boots that he had to squash his poor toes into (Smallest has indoor shoes left at school so it was only to and from school really). The other one had to wear old trainers. Brrrrrrr it was cold. I haven't got my winter tyres on yet so there was no way I was driving in it, so cancelled my knitting.

What did I do instead? I cleared out the front cupboard (coats, scarves, snow pants etc) and the Hall Stand (gloves, scarves, hats). I hung all he coats up nicely and Huffle put up new hooks on the inside door so we had even more space. Huffle sorted though his hats and gloves and I put ours away. The rest I made several piles for the boys to go through later.

Then I got my material out and finished cutting out. All done except for batting and interface. Very proud of myself.

At lunchtime Huffle and I watched a Gotham episode with lunch and then he disappeared up into the cold loft again (the heating doesn't make it up there but it does have its own heaters).

This afternoon I made two lasagnes, one beef, one veggie. Just as I was ready to layer it all up, I realised I didn't have any Lasagne sheets. Looking at the time, I noticed Small was due to get off the bus near the shop shortly so I texted him. However he didn't see it. When he got back he did go for me but they didn't have any. He asked for Lasagne sheets and they showed him Lasagne cheese and then frozen beef Lasagne. No sheets. So I had to make some pasta from scratch. Normally Huffle does this but it was really easy and when Smallest came home, he helped me to roll it through the pasta machine. The Lasagne, once cooked, was so delicious. I will not be buying Lasagne sheets again. Yum yum.

After dinner Huffle and I went for a cold snowy walk through the Hamlet. The boys stayed at home, played goalie and then played on their tablets.

Smallest and I watched some of Cars3 before bed.

We have another early start tomorrow.


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