Sunday, 12 November 2017

Bald-headed eagles are undangered

Last night I sent Smallest down into the basement to fetch me some bread from the freezer. He shouted that there was a mouse, not in the trap, just sitting in the middle of the floor not moving, though he was alive. Huffle, armed with a piece of foam pipe lagging tried to coax him into a plastic bag. He went to the side wall (the mouse) and Smallest got another foam piece and poked him from the side and I tried to lever him up by using a wallpaper scraper. Eventually he went in the bag and Huffle and Smallest dropped him off at the farm down the road. Smallest wished he had put a piece of cheese in for him. Huffle and Small named him Fast Sid and Smallest and I named him Mousey!

Now I wrote the above paragraph before we found mouse droppings in our cupboard, the saucePan cupboard where there is a huge hole at the back of the revolving shelves. We emptied it, cleaned it, washed ALL the pans and Huffle filled the hole with steel wool which apparently they hate. All other cupboards were fine but we gave them a cursory clean anyway so it's easier to see if there are any droppings in future. Then we found more in the pantry. Luckily, last time we had mice, we put everything in airtight containers and they still are, so there was nothing they could get at. Still we emptied it and cleaned it and cleaned everything that went back in and filled any holes. It took Huffle and I a long time to sort it all but at least it's done now. Now I feel bad about saving Mousey. Naughty Mousey/Fast Sid!

This morning we all went to Smallest's football games which was between the two teams of the same club. We had a few missing from our team so a couple from the other team joined us. It was a fairly even game but we let in two goals (goalkeeper error more than anything). Smallest played hard and well and his coach told him so again.

Back home Smallest had his bath and the rest of us made pancakes. For lunch? Well we did miss out this morning though it did cause some concern as to whether it was lunch or brunch or dinner! The boys played FIFA while Huffle and I sorted Mousegate.

Exercising with Dad

Mid afternoon we watched the latest PiratesOfTheCarribbean. Apart from a few breaks to stop Huffle and I falling asleep, we watched it all the way through. It was very good.

Dinner was jacket potatoes which we had been baking for a few hours and then we played Carcassonne.

The boys played on their tablets, Huffle had a bath and I started knitting the Gingerbread house.


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