Sunday, 5 November 2017

Clocks went back remember!

Smallest came in at 6:30am (not realising the clocks had gone back so it was really his normal time of getting up) complaining that Otto was drumming. He wasn't! It was the rain dripping through the drainpipe near his window. Silly bear. We went back to sleep and Huffle I didn't get up until near 9am.

Pancakes for breakfast (everyone helped). Today we decided as the weather was so bad, we would have a list day. It's been a while since we had we had one of these and one thing we have learned is that our games have got longer so we get to fewer games. We made out list, got washed and changed and began.

We started with an UPSET (Smallest's choice though Small says he always chooses the same game over and over again until we are all bored of them). It was a very quick game and Small won easily.

Next Small chose Disney Monopoly (of course he did). We dealt all the property cards out to make it quicker but it was still a longish game. I was the first to be bankrupt, followed by Small. Smallest went from having nothing to almost winning but Huffle beat him in the end.

Five Crowns was next and half way through it was past lunchtime so we made ourselves quesadilla which we ate in front of PiratesOfTheCarribean StrangerTide. We actually watched it all the way through. I think everyone was tired.

We finished our card game which Huffle won and then we had a Table Tennis tournament. Huffle won again!

The boys should have gone to the Remembrance Ceremony for Cubs but we let them off today because it was horrible outside. We were also supposed to go to a Bonfire at one of the parents of a cub but it was cancelled, also due to the weather.

My contribution to the list was going out with the sparklers when it got dark but the boys were playing on their tablets and Huffle and I went for a puddly walk and by the time we got back it was dinner time.

Dinner was eaten in front of an XFactor. We think we have one left before we are up-to-date.

I managed to make another Gingerbread man whilst watching the film and I finished off the others during XFactor. The idea is I make the house and the Gingerbread men for Christmas and it can come out each year. We'll see if I get that far. I'm supposed of making one for each of us.

And a little more embellishment

Bedtime for the bears, cup of tea for us olds and a bit of TV. Boooooo weekend is over.




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