Monday, 6 November 2017

Lie on the sofa eating strawberry tarts all day

Monday. Lunches packed and boys sent sent off. Huffle packed off upstairs and today he came down several times to suck up the leaves, shred them and put them on our garden ready for the Winter. Mind you, we haven't put the bulbs in yet or moved the many ornaments from out of the garden. There is talk of the temperature going down to -6* on Friday.

I went to my exercise class. Today I had no ailments, I felt well and nothing hurt. Well that was a good start. However, after an hour's class and a substantial walk later, my legs hurt!

At home I hoovered all of downstairs and tidied and put a chicken stew in the slow cooker and then made a veggie stew for Small and I. I was just about to get in the shower, when I had a text, from NoCustard who had previously cancelled our Monday walk. Her plans had changed and she wondered if I could fit one in. OH YES!

I had a quick lunch and then joined her in the forest. It was cold but beautiful as always. Today we were on our own and we chose the longest walk of an hour and a half. The colours were very good and despite the odd puddle and mud, it was a very leafy.

Back home I helped Huffle to decide where to put the last bag of shredded leaves and went off for my shower. Small came home with a little bit of homework which he did straight away. Smallest came home and also had a bit of homework. The one where I have to do it too. Oh Maths, oh goody.

MrsPiano came and gave the boys lessons. Christmas tunes are being practiced already. Only another five weeks until their recital so we'll soon be bored of them.

Dinner was eaten and the boys played on FIFA, Huffle soaked in the bath and I sewed the blind which Huffle will put up tomorrow. All three hanging at the window. Only one is openable but it's something.

Small played SkipBo with me while Huffle and Smallest played FIFA.

At Smallest's bedtime we finished our Where's Wally puzzle.


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