Monday, 27 November 2017

PaddingtonsDad for Prime Minister

My cough does not like the cold air, it makes me wheeze and cough and splutter. Other than that I am well again. Hurrah. I even returned to my Monday exercise class which was tough. We went on the treadmill (just brisk walking) and weights. We tried to do some floor work but I coughed too much so we did planks and coccyx hurting stuff instead. (My bloomin' coccyx is still hurting me even sitting on the sofa now).

Huffle using his 'koosie'

The boys went to school, in coats (progress). Smallest had a Volleyball tournament today which I volunteered to drive to. At just before midday I went to school and collected my four passengers and drove 20 minutes away to another school. Just me and the usual mum there to drive and support the kids until a few more turned up. We ended up there until 5:30pm. Five and a half hours of volleyball and other people's kids!!!

The boys had ten games in all and most of those were played one after the other. Smallest hurt his knee but played in all of the games (not all the way through). Most of the games were very tense but they won all but one and we ended up having to sit and wait for another school to join us (we waied for an hour and a half). They won those two games too which now means we have to go to another one on Wednesday. Guess who will need to drive again? It was a very long day with nothing to do but sit or stand and watch.

Smallest missed his piano lesson. Small had his. Huffle had warmed our soup up for us for dinner and then he took the kids off to Cubs where they met a man who was very old and had been in the war. He talked to them about being in the Welsh Division. He was deaf and spoke very loud but the boys said it was very interesting.

Huffle and I played a game of Downfall, Mastermind and SkipBo.


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