Thursday, 2 November 2017

Blind leading the blind

Poor Smallest wasn't feeling so well today. Sore throat and a pain in his head. I made him stay at home and have some aloe gel for his throat and some painkillers for his head. Before 8am we had already played a game of Carcassonne. It was going to be a long day.

Small went to school in joggers not shorts. It really has turned all of a sudden. Winter is on its way! Huffle worked in the loft and went out to the barn at some point to winterise the mower.

I stayed at home and looked after my little bear. He helped me to empty the dishwasher several times today and I played Chess with him. When he plays, if he isn't winning, he always tries to get the Kings to stalemate by placing them next to each other. Huffle and I are not sure that is a real rule and we also don't know where he got it from seeing as we taught him how to play. We might need to check that one! It happened twice today, once with me and once with Huffle. The little monkey! Late morning, he made gingerbread and I helped him to roll out and bake them. Then this afternoon he decorated them in two sittings. He also sat and read and coloured, watched TV, played on his tablet, MarioKart and FIFA with Huffle this evening. He seems much better and possibly could have gone to school today, but we didn't want him getting worse. Unfortunately he missed out on a cricket tryout and football gym session but I'm sure it won't matter that much.

I did a load of washing, some cleaning and mainly being with Smallest. This afternoon Suffolk came for lunch and I made us both an omelette. Then we made a start on the third and final blind for the bedroom. It's been a while so it took some working out. I hadn't, as I originally thought, ran out of material for the lining, or cut it short. It was a new piece I had cut and it was perfect just not placed correctly. Suffolk got me sorted and I sewed the sides and the bottom. All I need now is to get the Velcro on and we can hang it. Huffle is going to put the wood up tomorrow. Who needs to open them anyway? It's nearly winter and is bl00dy freezing at night!

I collected Small from band practice and we drove home in the dreary cold wet rain. He is learning new tunes and says it's difficult but he has some good main parts. He got on with homework while I cleared my sewing stuff away and made dinner.

After dinner, Small played on his tablet, the other boys played FIFA and I sewed. Busy but productive day.


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