Thursday, 9 November 2017

Put an Elf Light on Ricky Benaud

I have had trouble sleeping lately due to my pillows being too flat. I start out with two and discard one leaving me with barely anything, but two is too much! Last night I stole Moo's pillows (just to try) and I could sleep with two flattish ones. Hurrah. I think I need to buy new pillows really. I bought a memory Aloe Vera one for myself a year or so ago but it's like sleeping on a brick. Huffle has a memory bamboo one and he really likes it.

When I got up this morning, Smallest was getting stuff together ready for lunch. What a good helpful boy. Small just kicked a ball around until I got annoyed and shouted at him. He left with a sorry and a kiss.

I spent an hour or so on the garden this morning, collecting things that had to come inside out of the cold. I dug up the dahlias and put hem in a box ready to store in the basement and then I planted crocus bulbs in the grass near the barn and a few along one of the new paths at the front. I also planted daffodils out the front. Each year I draw a map of the garden and when the bulbs come out, I plan where we need more. I ran out of daffs though but at least they are in. Huffle came out in between calls and sucked up leaves, shredded and put them on the garden. A nice winter blanket of leaves to keep the plants warm and add leaf mould to the ground for Spring when all the bulbs wake up.

I popped to the supermarket to get ingredients for some soup and came home and made Carrot and Tomato and Leek and Potato. Plenty for dinner, some for Smallest's lunch tomorrow and some for the freezer.

After a quick lunch with Huffle and a watch of TravelMan (C4) I drove to Suffolks to do some cutting out for our bag we are making. I managed to cut out the main part and one of the pockets before I had to drive and get Small from Band Practice. The weather was awful, heavy rain and high winds.

We had dinner and then we all took Smallest to his Gym practice and then went to the Mall to buy some joggers (track pants) and a hoodie for Small - stop growing so quickly! We had a bit of time to look for Christmas possibilities. As we came out of the Mall it was snowing. Today, five years ago and four years it also snowed. This is obviously a day for snow! Well it needn't stay. It's only supposed to snow for a couple of hours but we have freezing rain forecast and a feels like temperature of -15 tomorrow! Eeeekkkk.


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