Thursday, 30 November 2017

Why wouldn't he have a stick in his bag?

Snow in the U.K.? No sign of it here. Hope I haven't spoken too soon!

Small woke me up this morning from a nice deep sleep, all the way through sleep. The boys were busy getting their lunches together to help me and I just made their sandwiches. Aww bless 'em. I waited with Smallest while his bus came and tried to persuade him to put his gloves on and not in his pocket, though to be fair it was quite mild and the temperatures were in positive figures.

I had a very slow breakfast and watched TV. I had a dentist appointment at 11am just for a clean and check. I watched the news which was quite depressing. No work needed but I do need an appointment with MrGum which I have been putting off for a while now. Suffolk has had this procedure done and says she will come with me and drive me and wait at the cafe for me, I just need to get it sorted.

I had agreed to meet with Suffolk for lunch and I came out much earlier than I expected (she works in the morning) so I went advent calendar and stocking shopping. Advent filling rather than the calendars themselves as I made one about seven years ago. Filling one though costs more than buying one but it's fun. I bought chocolates and little things to add. How did December come round so quickly? I also bought things to fill the stocking with (not that I do that, Santa does obviously....). I also picked up a few food items we needed and then sat outside Suffolks house waiting or her to come home.

She surprised me by opening my car door and getting in. "Drive to CooperBeech" she said. She was going to make me lunch but hadn't had time and was stressed and her eyes hurt. This is not how we normally talk to each other. We dither and don't make decisions very well and are very British, however today she decided to just say what she wanted. In fact we decided next year will be the year of say what you want.

We had a lovely vegan lunch and then came back to hers for some sewing preparation. Ironing of fusible batting and interfacing ready for quilting. We discussed the Christmas present Huffle has commissioned her to make for me (a wheaty bag) and she showed me the huge pillow she has made for Small for his birthday. We managed a cup of tea and then I drove off to collect Small from Band Practice.

Back home I made dinner. Butter Chicker and Lentil Dahl. Yum yum.

After dinner Smallest and Huffle went to football practice and Small and I stayed at home. I sewed and he tableted and we had a quick game of skip-bo. He has a sore throats and I made him a hot lemon honey ginger drink. Oh oh!


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