Tuesday, 21 November 2017

Creepy and BigBeard fix the egg

The medicine I had before bed was a cough suppressant. It was supposed to tell my brain that I didn't need to cough and to knock me out for a full night's sleep. In reality, I coughed more, so much in fact that I hurt my lower abdominal muscles too. My squeaking was worse and I had to go into the loft again. I couldn't sleep and I was freezing (my head and my feet). In the end I had to ignore my sneaky wheezing and just try to sleep. I also woke up at 7am so I probably got about five hours. Rubbish. I'm not taking that stuff again. This morning I felt groggy and sick though I didn't cough for the first half an hour of getting up. This is PANTS!

I made the lunches (yesterday's soup for the boys). Small went to school and Smallest sat and watched I'm a Celebrity before his bus came. I had a quick shower before the boiler people came back to fit the anode.

The two boiler people today were Creepy and BigBeard. Creepy was the one who came before who didn't want to work. We didn't put the heating on this morning, 1. I was too hot and 2. We weren't sure whether we could because they turned our water off. Creepy asked if the furnace was broken because it was cold and Huffle told him, under his breath, to work harder to keep warm. We don't want workmen sheltering in the warm basement like the mice! As soon as they left (our water is now eggy smell free) we put the heating back on and it was cosy for the rest of the day with lovely smelling hot water.

I spent most of the day trying to cut out interfacing and batting for the bag I am making. Suffolk facaetimed me to help. I also made a start on a Soup koosie for Huffle (which is something to put under your bowl in the microwave so it doesn't burn your hands). I need to make one for Huffle for his last birthday and one for Small for Christmas. I struggled with the instructions so Suffolk helped me again via FaceTime when she got back from her forest walk fighting off bears (no bears).

I Facetimed Moo and did a lot of crocheting and undoing. Yesterday I learned a new stitch in crochet (c2c) and its lovely so I undid a Christmas present project and recrocheted it today. It is looking very good and I am having trouble putting it down. Edit: finished, sewn up and ready for Christmas. Yay.

My sewing stuff got moved away but not too far as I plan on doing more tomorrow. This confinement of mine is boring so I went out late afternoon for a small walk in the sunshine (still cold), took photographs and met Small off the bus.

I made dinner and the boys sat in a Small's room watching I'm a Celeb while Small did his homework. After dinner Small played on his tablet, I continued with my crochet and chatted to Small whilst Huffle and Smallest played FIFA. Smallest and I also played several games of Mastermind.



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