Friday, 24 November 2017

The chemical reaction of a yoghurt

It seems Huffle and I are back in the routine of sleeping again. Hurrah (I hope that doesn't jinx it).

My cough is slowly disappearing. To be fair I only stepped out of the door today to wave goodbye to Smallest as he got on the bus and it was cold enough to stop me going out for the rest do the day. Saying that, temperatures went up considerably by midday. Still, I had plenty to keep me occupied inside.

Small went to school and while he was gone, as I clearing his room of washing, I found a yoghurt hiding under his desk. A science project maybe? I considered texting his science teacher to ask if she could tell me what experiment he might be working on!!!! He went without his coat again!

Today I did my normal tidying plus putting clothes and towels away, a couple of loads of washing and some cleaning of internal windows. I sewed Small's SoupKoosie for Christmas and I was very happy with the result as I did it all by myself and learned from my mistakes on Huffle's.

I tidied away all my sewing stuff and then sorted through all my knitting and crocheting.

Huffle and I had lunch and watched a Gotham episode. This afternoon I baked a Lemon Drizzle Cake and made a dough for later and then watched the Leicester game (1-1) while finishing off lots of Christmas presents (sewing in ends, casting off etc etc). I now have a considerable pile ready to wrap.

Both boys came home asking if they could watch ImACelebrity on my IPad. Pair of old men. They sat in Small's room. Smallest with his feet on the bed, bum in the chair, eating a pice of cake. Small on the bed, homework strewn around. They informed us it was a good episode. We don't get to watch it until about 9pm so they have to stay quiet.

I made pizza and Huffle had a go at one of the many chips on our kitchen worktop. It costs $250 for the professionals to come out and who knows how much extra once they are here, so Huffle is trying to have a go himself on one of the smaller ones. Goodness knows how he will sort the bigger ones but I know he will have a go.

We ate our pizza in front of StarWars3.


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