Sunday, 26 November 2017

I don't believe in Santa in November*

Snow overnight but a very tiny dusting. Temperatures between 1 and -0.5 however it certainly felt colder! Huffle and I slept in and didn't get up until 9:30am WOW luxury.

We had pancakes for breakfast and discussed what we could do today. Having found nothing particular nearby, we decided to drive to Orangeville, home of TheEdge, a well known wrestler (in our family anyway though I'm not sure I've heard of him). A couple of years ago, we drove through this place on our way to a holiday cottage and it looked quaint and 'shoppy' and had lots of wood carvings. So we went and had a look.

We didn't leave until 11:30am ish and it was an hour and 20 minutes drive through mainly uninterrupted countryside. Our first stop was a shortbread shop where we were forced to buy a dozen to avoid tax. How silly is that? Persuade you to eat more biscuits. Good for me but not sure it's a healthy thing! So one dozen mixed shortbread biscuits were purchased and our next stop was a chocolate shop. The shortbread shop smelled lovely and tempting but the chocolate shop smelled weird. However we still bought a tiny pot of lemon curd for me, a white chocolate snowman lollipop for Smallest and a pack of Turkish delight for Huffle. All for little Christmas presents. We spied a place to eat in later and carried on. A lot of the shops were closed which was a shame as they had a few quirky different places.

The Main Street, or Downtown, wasn't as big as we had remembered and as the majority of the shops were closed we only found a couple more to go in. We didn't buy anything else but they were warm and friendly. It was bitterly cold outside. We went for lunch in a vegan(ish) cafe. The boys enjoyed grilled cheese sandwiches, Huffle had a chicken sandwich and I had a black bean burger. For drinks I had lovely refreshing peppermint tea, Huffle and Smallest had hot apple cider and Small had a hot chocolate. Very nice.

Santa was there today and photos were being taken with him. Smallest said he did not want to go anywhere near him. We asked if he believed in Santa and he said "no, not in November. I will believe in him five days before Christmas only". Fair enough!

Small decided it was a town of food as that is what the main theme of the shops (that were open) were but he was very disappointed there wasn't a cheese shop. Walking back to the car, a different way, we happened upon a cheese shop but it was closed. Small didn't mind, he was just happy there was one! We did see lots of carvings out of the old tree stumps. Possibly not as many as we thought we had seen whilst driving through, but good ones.

Not sure which one is scarier?
Very tall postman
Is it Cowboy Kev?
Just fits
He'th a boxther

We drove home dreaming of eating shortbread with our cup of tea. They were very nice. We sampled Double Choclate, Butterscotch, Chocolate Chip and Pecan Caramel.

Small finished his homework, Smallest and I played Mastermind and all the boys played FIFA.

This evening with our tea, we sat and attempted to watch Star Wars4. Here is our dilemma. Do you watch them in the order they were made? The order they make sense? Or the order in which the SWgeeks best thinks doesn't ruin the whole Darth Vader/Luke story? Well we decided to put Rogue One in the middle where it best makes sense for the running of the whole thing. When I saw RogueOne in the cinema, I spent the entire film wondering how it followed on from the last one which kind of ruined it for me. However, we couldn't get it to play so we resorted to watch ImACelebrity instead. None of us like Iain. Only Smallest likes Stanley (don't believe his eternal optimism), not sure about Kez, Becky is miserable but I'll forgive her seeing as she married a Leicester player, Shappi meh, Vanessa meh, Toff needs to fall over more, Dennis Wise is just soooo small but we like him so far. Is Amir that stupid, we like him. Jamie is normal. Think that's it!



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