Friday, 5 January 2018

Chicker sticker & Jammy Bobber

Another very cold night with temperatures definitely hitting a real feel of -41*. It was a really cold day too. Huffle and I went out to take the recycling out and my nose hairs froze. It's been a while since that happened here! There was more ice on the inside of the window too!

Very brrrrr

It seemed pointless to go out, despite us all having a bit of cabin fever, so Huffle was given instructions on how to make a chilli in the slow cooker while we played Kingdomino and Huffle was FaceTimed by Grandma. The boys played on FIFA, Moo started a Christmas jigsaw that I tipped all over the floor the other day so we need to see if all the pieces of there before we give it away to charity. Huffle and I tried to create a chart for a Blanket I want to make for Smallest of a Stoke badge (huge mummy points if I ever do it). It was very frustrating but I think we did it in the end.

We all had lunch and finished the Jurassic World film and then played Alhambra (Small won) and Wizard (postponed while Smallest had a grump, Small finished homework and we made a veggie chilli) and finished after we had dinner (Huffle won).

This evening we played a game of Pictureka! and then watched a GrandTour before the kiddlies went to bed. The rest of us watched MiriamMargoylies in America. Very interesting.


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