Tuesday, 30 January 2018


It did Snow during the night, but nothing too significant.  Still covered the drive again though.  Luckily, Small went out and cleared it for us.

Smallest felt well enough to go to school, though I wasn’t completely convinced.  He had Dodgeball tryouts, a leadership conference and Ski club tomorrow so that’s possibly why he pushed himself to get back.  To be fair, when he came home this afternoon (or prevening) he looked and sounded much better.

Small had a day off today and, from what I heard, played on FIFA for most of the morning.

Huffle came home around 11:30pm last night and had had a good meeting (though tediously long), a disappointing play in the EscapeRooms and a non-filling meal (where the waiter spilled food on someone’s handbag - not his though).

I went to work and made cuttings of pelargoniums and begonias in the greenhouse.  Jan made oaty choc cookies and MrsM was away but had left us coffee.

Huffle, Small and I had lunch together and watched an episode of TheMagicians (SyFy). Very strange.

This afternoon, Small and I played TicketToRide (He won) and then we FaceTimed Moo and made Fishcakes.  We entertained her with music (piano), magic (disappearing Small behind a blanket), teatowel chicken and floating teatowel and cooking and when Smallest came home he played the ukulele and piano for her.  She is one lucky Moo.

Smallest did homework, Small played FIFA, Huffle worked and I cleared up.  After dinner, Huffle and I went for a very cold walk around the Hamlet.

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