Monday, 8 January 2018

The Old Tubby Forgotten Legend

We have all been so spoilt by not having to get up for anything (except a shopping trip) in the last two weeks. So this morning was a huge struggle. Smallest ignored his alarm, Small slept through his alarm and we all (boys and I) ended up getting up at 7:20am. Small managed to get his breakfast, eat it and get washed and dressed in 20 minutes. It snowed during the night and was still snowing but the buses were not cancelled and neither of theirs was delayed. Thankfully the temperature has gone to -1 which is much easier to cope with though we did have a power cut in the night and another one later today. I forgot to send Small with his Christmas Teacher gifts (will have to be tomorrow now) and Smallest went off with his warm crocheted cowl for his bus driver and frozen cookies (I hope he tells her they're frozen!).

View from landing at silly o'clock
Same o'clock, back garden
Light snow
Snow accumulation
Slightly warmer

Moo and I had an early morning exercise class to attend and we collected MrsOrange on the way. Now my one on one exercise class is two of us and ExerciseNic. Moo made three today! It wasn't too tough considering we have had about three weeks off but I will hurt tomorrow!

The snow stopped briefly and then continued again. Moo and I had showers and coffee and I made a start on another bloomer bread, hoping it would be ready for dinner to have with our macaroni cheese and chicken.

We had lunch with Huffle and watched another Gavin&Stacey, continued the bread process and went out to shovel snow. Moo and I played a couple of games of Skip-Bo. (Moo is such a jam-bob, always wins!!!)

More bread action plus the making of dinner and then the boys came home. Small had homework and disappeared into his room until Piano lessons. Smallest has started Ukele again at school but found it a struggle because of his blister. You know, the one where he burnt it tossing a pancake. PaddingtonsDad told him to live with it!!!! Nice! He said his bus driver liked her cowl and asked him to thank me. She was wearing it when she picked him up and brought him home. Awwwwww.

Different shape

Piano lessons done, dinner eaten and then it was time for Cubs. This evening the boys went off for a forest night hike with structure building. They built an igloo and had hot chocolate and a biscuit and had a snowball fight. I didn't hear anything about a hike. They enjoyed it though.

Huffle, Moo and I went out for a night hike of our own, round the Hamlet. It was quite warm, well enough to take our gloves off.


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