Monday, 22 January 2018

Pass 2 Go's

Smallest went to bed with tummy ache last night and was really hot and Small and I woke up with a similar thing. I think we have some sort of bug but the good thing is it passes quickly. Smallest was fine this morning. Small didn't take long to recover. I still have tummy ache but not too bad though I did miss my morning exercise because I felt quite sicky with it.

MY DREAM: I was incredibly hot (burning up hot, not looking good hot) and I threw off all my covers. I woke up and found my covers off and I was cold.

The buses were all cancelled today due to freezing rain due later. Small didn't go to school and Huffle drove Smallest in. Huffle was supposed to go into the office for several meetings, a lunch and meet with his boss but due to the roads being a bit precarious, he postponed it.

Small did some revising in his room and I tested him on it (quotations from the book The Crysallids) and then he made a Soda Bread.

Late morning we played a double game of Monopoly which Small made up. Two boards, double the money, property and houses. Everytime we hit GO we switched to the other board. We could choose which jail we went in and which we came out of. It was different but I still lost terribly even though I had hundreds of properties.

This afternoon I made a Carrot, Lentil and Ginger soup to go with Small's bread and he did a bit more revising and a bit more FIFA. We both walked to pick up Smallest. It was raining, very wet rain, the kind that soaks you right through. We walked Smallest back. Today he came home with a letter telling us he had been selected as one of four kids in Grade5/6 for their leadership ability. He is to go to a Student Voice Conference at the end of the month. Nice.

As Small didn't go to school today, he couldn't find out his EQAO score or bring back his form for us to sign to say whether he needed to do the Maths exam or not. (If the students get over 70% they can choose to have that as their score or continue and do the exam and take that score instead). His friend, who was at school, checked what he needed to do and we found the info online. His score was 89% and he is happy with that so will not be doing the exam. He has an English exam on Wednesday and a Science one on Thursday. After his exams he will get to come home. On Friday, there is no exam and so he doesn't have to go.

After dinner, the boys all played FIFA and then Huffle took them to Cubs. Huffle and I stayed at home and watched FirstDatesHotel. Small's bread was lovely and the soup was good too!
I had some nice photos to add today. Rainy splashy photos and one of Small's bread but this silly app that I have been happily using for the sat six years ha suddenly stopped being updated and it won't work. So annoying!!!!

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