Thursday, 18 January 2018


I woke up to messages galore on my phone. It's weird being here in Canada, five hours behind the UK. By the time I get to sit down and write messages, emails, texts etc, it's bedtime for the UK, but for me the best time to get organised. I send my texts etc while the UK sleeps and in the morning all the replies are through. No time to properly answer as I am then busy getting kids off to school and today busy at pottery. So I finally sat down to look and reply again during UK sleep time. It's crazy. I get up at UK's midday and UK sleep when I finally sit down. So forgive me if I haven't replied or haven't text when I said I would. Tomorrow is a PA day for Smallest so I should have much more time!

The boys went off to school but not before Smallest emptied his bag and showed me his robot project he did. A stokey robot all red and white. He got a 4- (A-) and only missed out on a 4 because he got a calculation slightly wrong. It sits on the fridge, pride of place, for now. Small had tests all day and presents his Ideoendent Study Unit on 'Are Sportsmen/women paid too much?". He said he thought it went very well and goes towards his final mark.

I ran out of washer fluid in my car several days ago and have been puddle jumping (in the car) ever since in an effort to get my windscreen clean. Another thing I've been doing is rubbing snow on the window. This morning I went out earlier so I could buy some and filled it up when I arrived at pottery.

There were a few more at pottery today. We started by trying to remember each others names and then watched a demonstration on the wheel. Last week I made two rainbows (disasters that went back in the bag) and one decent pot. Today I made two decent and two rainbows. We also learned how to use the slab roller and a new hand building technique. I found today just as difficult as last week but I still love it. Next week we are going to make a stamp and hopefully get it fired in time to use it in following weeks.

I ate my lunch on the way to the material shop to meet Suffolk who was trying to decide which fabric to use for my pottery apron. In the end, after lots of discussion, we decided on a light denim and a cream cotton. She is going to make two, one for me and a spare to see if we can sell it. I am not now making my own, Suffolk is making it and I will assist in future ones if needed. We went back to hers for some measuring and tea and then I drove off to fetch Small from Band Practice.

The traffic was bad and I left late so he ended up waiting outside for me as he had been let out early for good music work (or something like that). Small had no homework so he decided he would help with dinner after he decided we would have Lentil Dahl and Butter Chicken. He wanted to learn how to make the Lentil Dahl as it is one of his favourites. He did well and mixed all the spices together to make the masala paste, stirred and looked after dish while it was cooking, put stuff away, grated ginger and garlic. He wants to do it again so he understands it all. He also cooked the rice. It's nice that he's interested.

After dinner, the boys all played FIFA while I carried on with Smallest's blanket. Almost out of the main colour and not found any yet (except online).

Huffle and I went for a walk this evening. Over 13,000 steps today. Mind you I'm not surprised. The only sitting down I have done is driving, throwing pots and eating dinner. Exhausted.



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