Wednesday, 31 January 2018


I slept terribly last night.  I was so cold and Huffle would warm me and I would go to sleep and then wake up freezing again.  This happened (apart from Huffle warming me because he was sleep mainly) about four or five times.  Most annoying!

Smallest came and woke me at 7am and it felt like the middle of the night.  I wanted to see the
SuperBlueMoon but I missed it!  Small also got up to see it but couldn’t.  I think it was too cloudy where we were.

I got Smallest and LittleOrange off to school for their Leadership Conference and made sure there was someone there as it was very quiet at 7:30am.  Small was off school again (last day before new semester starts) and started his day with a shower, stripping his bed, putting said bed in the wash and washing it, plus drying it later too.  He hasn’t made his bed yet but it’s a good start.

I went to my exercise class.  OUCH from Monday and more OUCH’s on top.  Even ExerciseNic said she was going to hurt tomorrow.

I helped Small make a Rice Pudding and we had a quick game of Kingdomino before he went off to
read while I had my shower.

For lunch Huffle, Small and I watched another Magicians episode and then this afternoon Small cleared the drive of snow and we played several games of Blink.  Today Small had to download his passport photo and details for his Band Vancouver Trip (how exciting).

Small watched the Stoke game, I made a Leek and Potato Soup and another Soda Bread for dinner later and crocheted and then MissHorse came for her lesson and we carried on with the Sheep.  I taught her to increase and I think next week we will be picking up stitches (eeeeek). I can’t believe how well she is doing and she properly listens too which is great.  Makes my job a whole lot easier.

After dinner Small and Huffle went to buy Salt Bags (for the water softener and for the paths to keep from being slippy) and then went and collected Smallest.  He had his ski club this evening and went for dinner but asked to be picked up early due to him still not being 100% well and having a long day with his Conference.  Poor little thing wasn’t well at all.  Unless he makes a remarkable recovery he won’t be going to school tomorrow.

Later we had Small’s rice pudding which was very nice.  

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