Saturday, 20 January 2018

The Overclappers

My dream: I was in a funrun and it met a girl I knew in TheVillageUK. We decided to meet up for a meal and she suggested we go to TheGryffindir which was an Artists Daughters Pub. We couldn't go until 9pm until she had put all her kids to bed. !!!!!!!!!!!! What?

Huffle was up all night with a dodgy tummy. He ended up sleeping on the sofa downstairs, I think to keep me from being awake, but not sure that worked too well. Smallest's alarm went off and he went to turn it off, knocked a book on the floor which knocked his bin over. We were all (except Small) up by 6:45am so we could get to Smallest's football game for 8am kickoff. Too early, sooo very tired.

It was a better game and Smallest started by getting a goal (unfortunately an own goal but don't tell Grandad else he won't get his $2). The game ended in 2-2 draw but we should have won. At the end Coach came over to ask us how last week's game was (he was away) and Huffle told him. He also told him the story of the fight on and off pitch last year with our old team which he knew nothing about. He said we were in trouble for letting Smallest still use his old football backpack so I told him he was in trouble for not supplying us one in the first place. I don't really know if we are supposed to buy them but I personally think we have paid enough to the club.

Back home, Small had made breakfast of scrambled egg and was annoyed that we were later than he thought and that the eggs took less time so they were a bit dry for his liking. We were impressed he had done it and made the toast and put the kettle on. He hadn't made tea but the table was set.

After breakfast, the boys all watched Stoke win for a change and I sat upstairs and watched the end of GrahamNorton and knitted a bit more sock.

This afternoon we went out in search of wool for Smallest's blanket which Huffle found a huge ball of wool exactly the right colour and make. We picked up a boot tray (terrible business getting boots dry here without them being too cold to put on so extra boot trays are needed to get them dry and warm inside the house without water running everywhere). We went for dinner at our burger place and payed a half game of Monopoly Deal. We came home and the boys played FIFA while Huffle and I went for a walk, checked out the new restaurant sign (not overly impressed) and bumped into K, the lady who we lived with when we first arrived. She was having her hair done but we popped in to chat as we don't see her very often.

Dog driver
Tracks in our garden. Think they are deer tracks
Our walk

Later we all played Bingo on a random generator on our phones and tablets. It was very silly. We all played MarioKart until it was time for Small to eat before Huffle and him went off for his football game. From the texts that Huffle sent me, the game seemed very good with lots of missed chances from Small, a bad referee that Huffle hates and penguin Volleys from tripleL.

Smallest and I stayed at home. I did a bit more blanket while Smallest watched TV and then we played DisneyGuessWho and Kingdomino. I did a couple of loads of washing today and accidentally washed one of his bed friends, Zanzibar. We think the water affected him because all he could say (yes he speaks - to us) was "I'm ok, I'm ok!".

I'm ok


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