Friday, 19 January 2018

The peg did it!

It was a PA day for Smallest but Small still had to go to school. He got me up in time to do his lunch, lucky me. During the night I wrenched my shoulder (felt like it came out of the socket, OUCH) it was very painful but the more I used it today the better it felt. Not liking that.

Small had been up since silly o'clock as usual despite him not having to go to school so by 8am he was asking to play games. We had two Kingdomino games by the time Huffle got up and then Smallest decided we would have breakfast. He watched his TV and I watched mine and Huffle breakfasted and worked.

I am watching a number of series at the moment, all disturbing in their own way. HardSun(BBC), NextOfKin(ITV) and MacMafia (BBC) and I know there is another one on C4 I need to start watching. I will have nightmares.

This morning Smallest came with me for a Costco shop. It was reminiscent of the times when we first arrived here and Smallest only went to school every other day. We used spend our times shopping, walking, playing. We laughed a lot at shopping today and met a lady from Northamptonshire whose little kids kept pointing at Smallest every time we passed them. We chatted to a couple of Indian ladies whose mops were poking everyone in the back. Smallest was very cheeky so I pushed him into a huge pile of Kitchen Rolls and when we went to a second supermarket to fetch the last of our shopping, we upset a man in the 12 items only. We had fourteen but he had 28 (I counted them) packets of 'add hot water noodles' called Mama. We found a lonely baguette in the car park which disappeared on our way out (Smallest says a hobo picked it up). All the way round Costco Smallest was texting Huffle to see if he wanted any Pepsi (he hates Pepsi) And then took random photos of things in the shop until Huffle informed him he was about to go on a call. In other words, STOP!

Back home Huffle helped us unload and pack everything away. Smallest was my freezer stasher as our large freezer is in the basement. We had lunch and Smallest watched his TV and Huffle and I watched ours. Smallest Went up to read in his room and I FaceTimed Suffolk who was showing me how the apron was progressing and asking me for measurements and suggestions. AuntyMiaow FaceTimed me and we had a lovely chat. Just what I needed. We decided on some dates to get together for April. In the meantime Huffle was Facetiming Grandma and Grandad and catching up with them.

This afternoon, Smallest and I played more Kingdomino and Guess Who. Small came home and while he got on with homework, Smallest and I made pizza (he had made the dough in the bread machine so now he knows how to follow the recipe and how the bread machine works). He wanted to make baguettes today but we didn't have enough time.

Dinner was eaten in front of TheGrandTour, I was supposed to be going out to the cinema with Suffolk and Jac but we postponed it. We were going to see PhantomThread which looks very interesting. Maybe next week.

Freaky lava lamp action

This evening Huffle and I watched MontyDon in Paradise gardens. We had a discussion about the old phrase 'dirty Arab'. Is that right? I wasn't sure. I thought it was cheeky Arab. Anyway, it was nice to have Monty back on a Friday.



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