Tuesday, 23 January 2018

Feeling HOT HOT HOT!!

Since I updated my IPad, the app I used for blogging is no longer valid and won’t even open.  Therefore I now have to use a new blogging tool.  I am still having problems with photos though.  It just won’t seem to let me load them and constantly tells me I am not authorised or do not have permission (to use my own photos?!).  So, we’ll see how this goes.

The buses were running today.  In fact the weather was quite Spring-like with plus temperatures and sunshine at times.  We are starting to see some grass reappearing which is always good though I know I should not get too excited as we have a lot of Winter left yet.  (At the time of writing, 7:29pm it started snowing again BOOO).  I realised, as I was leaving for work, that Smallest had left his building materials for his Science project behind again, so being a kind mama, I rushed to school with a bag of toilet rolls, cardboard and plastic drinking bottles.  Of course, he has no Science today and left them at home on purpose.  Silly Mummy!  

Small collected his Maths score today of 92%.  So I find this whole school thing confusing.  His school year is split into two semesters with four subjects in each semester.  At the end of the semesters (January and September) he takes an exam in each subject.  He has just been given his results for his Maths exam for Grade9 which is a 92% (which we are very happy with, as is he).  He has now finished with Maths for this year/grade.  He is trying to get on the honour roll and although I don’t completely understand what that is, I know he needs to get over 80% in all subjects.  Good start MrSmall.  His English so far is 82% (taking into account all coursework and tests) and he has his exam tomorrow.  He is confident.  Fingers crossed (this is his worst subject).

At work we started with coffee and cookies (yay Jan is back) and then we made cuttings of begonias (my new favourite begonia is RedFred.  Despite the name, it has huge deep red leaves that look very tropical - I can’t remeber what the flowers look like).   I also potted up my snowdrops and bluebells (christmas present from AuntPear).  They have been placed on the cool floor of the greenhouse where they will think they are underground waiting to emerge for Spring.

Huffle had lunch waiting for me and we sat and watched a very gruesome Gotham.  First thing this morning I started a Beef Chilli in the slow cooker so later I made a start on a veggie one for me and Facetimed Moo while I did it.

The boys came home.  Small did some revising for tomorrow and Smallest did a chore and played on his tablet.  I continued the chillis.  I asked Smallest to taste it for me.  Being a vegetarian has its disadvsntages when it comes to cooking meat dishes for three hungry boys.  He said it was too spicy.  I had bought some new chilli powder and didn’t realise it was hot and the one I normally use is not.  I must have put an extra tablespoon in because even Huffle had trouble with it.  Everybody ate it and liked it but I had milkshakes at the ready as well as sour cream and rhubarb pie and ice cream for afters.  Poor Smallest couldnt finish his chilli and he has refused it for tomorrows lunch too!  Oh dear.  I labelled the leftovers VERY HOT for the freezer.  Maybe I could add extra meat to it for next time.  In the future I will use less or not talk to Moo at the same time ha! 

After dinner we couldn’t move to clear the kitchen so we sat and watched Robot Wars while our stomachs settled.  The boys played on FIFA while Huffle tried to find me a bew blogging tool that worked with photos.

Ps. I am having serious trouble with posting right now and am aware that I might be sending these posts out several times.  Please bear with me, I’m trying to get it right.  I’m so close to stopping writing altogether which I don’t want to do!!!


Wonder Woman said...

Looks good to me. Just one photo that isn't duplicated x

famfa said...

Thanks I think we finally worked it out x