Monday, 29 January 2018

Filk’s inventions

Small went off to School for his last exam this semester - French.  He said it was ‘easy’.  For some reason he has always enjoyed French and found it fairly easy.  He started it early in UK and had a head start on his classmates here so that helped.

Smallest wasn’t feeling so well this morning.  His throat hurt when he swallowed and he was hot but cold!  I kept him off school and made him a hot ribena first thing and a carrot, lentil and ginger soup for lunch.  He felt a little bit better mid afternoon.

I went to my exercise class and then picked Small up from school around 10:30am.  Huffle had to go into Toronto for the day and should have left around 10 but he held on as long as he could so Smallest wouldn’t be by himself at home.  He ended up being home alone for about two minutes as Huffle left and I came back with Small.

Smallest had lots of TV wrapped in a blanket, lots of drinks and a few Huggles.  I made Banana Chocolate Loaf with the nearly gone over bananas and Small played FIFA.  Smallest went for a relaxing bath and watched Small on FIFA until lunchtime.

We all watched a terrible film that was a rip off of FindingNemo but we watched it anyway.  This afternoon we played Monopoly.  We got bored after Small became bankrupt so we stopped.  I think I would have won but Smallest had more money than me so he decided he won.

I had my shower while Small made brownies and Smallest assisted.  He is definitely feeling better.

MrsPiano came and gave lessons and it snowed.  As soon as the drive was clear, it got dumped on!  We are due to have 5-10cm so I guess it will continue through the night.  It’s not particularly heavy at the moment.

After dinner, we watched TV.  Smallest went to bed early and I crocheted and watched DirtyDancing2017. Why oh why did they remake it?  What a load of rubbish.

Huffle didn’t get home until past 11:30pm and I couldn’t stay up.  It was still snowing though at 10:45pm.

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