Saturday, 27 January 2018

Pie gets a goal

Huffle, Smallest and I had to get up early to get Smallest to his football game.  Today was a 9am game so not ridiculously early but still.......    Small wasn’t even up though I’m guessing by the noise we made, he would have been awake.

The game was an interesting one today.  Smallest started as a rightback, then he was in middle of defence and then in the second half he played in midfield.  He never got subbed and his face was very red and sweaty by the end.  We didn’t win but it was a good game.  Unfortunately the lady ref (she ain’t no lady) was extremely biased against our team and gave a penalty that was dubious and a goal that was invisible.  This is the same ref that Huffle had words with last year when she ignored Smallest being elbowed.  Apparently she is a friend of our Coach!!! Coach was very happy with
Smallest being in Midfield and he now says that he has given him something to think about.   Well it’s about time.

We came home, cleared the kitchen, put some washing on, put Smallest in the bath and researched somewhere nice to eat.

We setttled on a restaurant attached to one of the golf courses which was breakfasty.  It was nice.  We did a bit of shopping and came home for some relaxation.  I did some crochet, the boys played on tablets.

Later we all went to watch Small play football.  He wasn’t too happy because he wasn’t allowed to 
play up front but he did some nice tackles on weird Hair who was afraid of him by the end!  His coach has verbal diarrhoea.  He shouts THE most ridiculous things which make no sense and obviously has no idea about the game of football.  For example:  his son is called Cameron and he calls him The Camburger, CamtheMan, TheC Unit etc.  He shouts good D to the people in defence.  Great ball when his players kick it wrong,  and so much rubbish none of it made sense!  Small’s team won 4-3.  It was entertaining. 

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