Wednesday, 24 January 2018

A hat, 2 gloves, 2 poles, a mento and a phone

Small woke me this morning as usual.  All buses were running but he didn’t need a lunch as he would only be in school for two hours or so.  Why did he wake me so early then?  It was nice to see him off though and wish him luck in his English Exam.  I felt quite nervous for him which is silly because he had no nerves at all.  He obviously gets that from his Dad then and not me!

The temperature was around -23* with windchill and Small said he really felt it waiting for the bus.

Smallest attempted to get out of our front door wearing his snowboard bag (bigger by far than himself) and although I asked him several times if he wanted me to help him onto the bus, he went out by himself.  Going down our three steps from the door to the path, almost had him falling over, bag is too big and drags on the floor, bag is too high and won’t fit through the door.  I checked if he could step up the three steps and he couldn’t.  Bearing in mind I was still in my dressing gown, Huffle asked if he needed help.  YES PLEASE DADDY.  Daddy wasn’t too pleased and muttered incoherently under his breath whilst getting his winter boots on.  In the meantime the bus appeared early and from the wrong direction, fooling Huffle completely.  Smallest got on, with a little bit of trouble but not too bad, leaving Huffle stranded on the drive.  Oh oh!

I left Huffle working and went to my exercise class.  It was a good one (well they all are really but I missed my Monday one so it seemed even better I guess).   While I was there I had three texts from Small.  1. Finished.  2.  What time will you be here.  3. Let me know when you are here.

He only had to wait at school for about forty-five minutes so that wasn’t bad.  His exam went well and he is confident.  He guessed what the subject matter would be and what two of the quotations would be so not only was he very ready to answer them, he also helped his classmates by helping them before they started.  He said they were very grateful when two of the things he guessed were there.

We came home and he made his own dinner.  Just oven Chips, Beans and a fried egg but it’s a start.  He did well.  Huffle had more of the over-hot chilli.  I had a fried egg sandwich, yum yum, before setting out to Suffolk’s for an afternoon of sewing.  Well she sewed and I assisted.  Cutting, ironing, measuring, trying on and making tea.  She finished Jacqs apron yesterday and was sewing mine today.  It’s lovely.  We didn’t quite get it finished before she had to fetch kid3 and I had to get back for MissHorse’s Knitting lesson.

It was funny because just as I pulled up, ExerciseNic (MissHorse’s Mum) pulled up behind me.  I ran into the house (even though I knew I had been seen) and threw off my coat and opened the front door.  I said I had been just standing waiting.   We continued with the sheep and I showed her how to change colour as she may get to that point during the week.  It is coming along very nicely.

Small and Huffle went off to the ski slopes for some snowboarding fun and then met up with Smallest after his lesson and dinner.  They had three hours on the slopes and I had a very peaceful house all to myself.

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