Wednesday, 17 January 2018

Wee, warm and wentos

Once again the buses were all running though I wasn't surprised as although the snow kept coming last night, it didn't really amount to too much. Small went off to school and had part2 of the EQAO test. He panicked at a question he didn't understand but worked his way through it and showed all his workings. His teacher said it was okay. I don't know if it was the way it was written (ie Canadian) that baffled him but he couldn't seem to make the equations work. Huffle thinks it's a not a bad thing seeing as he went off this morning wanting a 100%!!! Smallest went to school carrying his snowboard bag which is bigger than him. He seemed to take ages getting on the bus and at one point I saw the driver helping him.

I left Huffle working at the table and came home to find he had cleared the drive again. I went to exercise which really hurt. I found I couldn't do half of the things because I ached so much from Monday. I did what I could and hopefully it helped to ease my muscles so they are not too sore tomorrow!

I came home and showered and got ready for my afternoon out with Suffolk. We met at a craft shop where I was hoping to get some more wool for Smallest's blanket (ran out of main colour ahhhhhh) and they didn't have it and neither did another of their shops so we went for lunch instead to a lovely organic place. We had Cream (coconut cream) of Tomato Soup. Very nice. We also had a vegan cake and a cup of tea. We haven't seen each other since Christmas so I got my present from her. She listened ages ago when I told her I make all the stockings up in this house including my own and she made me my own stocking fillers which was really thoughtful, especially because everything was really useful. I forgot to take her Christmas presents.

Charms for my sewing bag. Lindt chocolates. Needles ends. Handmade reusable bag. Blocking clips. Quilting square and a handmade drawstring bag for things. Just lovely and very thoughtful.

She is also going to England by herself in April but slightly earlier than me and only for a week. Shame we didn't coordinate our plane journey. Would have been nice to travel with her. While we were chatting, I mentioned that I needed a pottery apron and wondered if I could make one. Next thing we are off to the fabric shop and drawing out patterns and she leaves me, goes home and runs one up in two hours flat. She's a genius. She has now decided to get my fabric on the way home from her morning job, while I am throwing pots, and that I can make my apron in the afternoon when I finish. I am going to do some research and see if aprons are needed in my class and other classes my teacher does. Maybe a money earner?

Small came home before I did and got on with his homework. I forgot that Smallest was at ski-club and also that I had MissHorse for a knitting lesson. I quickly printed off a pattern for the sheep we are going to make, got myself a drink and waited for her. She was armed with lots of different wool and needles so we chose which one was best, picked out the correct needles and while I cast on for her (shes still practicing) she practised making stitches. We talked through the pattern and I made some adjustments to help her read it and then she just got on with it. I started mine too so I could knit alongside of her in case of any problems. We had a nice chat about horse riding and Christmas while she was doing easy stocking stitch. The time went very quickly.

We had soups from the freezer for dinner for quickness and ease as Smallest wasn't there and Huffle went off to join him on the slopes for a couple of hours. Small stayed at home with me and we had a couple of games after he played on FIFA and helped with the dishwasher.

Smallest had another good one on one lesson, this time with a different teacher, where he learnt to zig zag down the slope. He went up the chairlift many times and is now confident on there and even more confident at getting off. Huffle had a good time too.

My spreadsheet for my trip is coming along nicely. If anyone wants anything bringing back, please do let me know, ie Maple Biscuits, Maple Syrup, sweets, Canadiana stuff.



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