Saturday, 13 January 2018

The penguin volley

First thing this morning, the temperatures were -31* (real feel). It got slightly warmer, well not warmer but less freezing cold, later.

After breakfast, we watched the Leicester game. Can't believe it was a draw! I got on with my knitting whilst watching. (I am knitting a sitting sheep as a tryout for MissHorse's next project. I did one many years ago but it's a challenging one for her as it involves increasing, decreasing, shaping and picking up stitches).

Afterwards we all went out to Smallest's football game. Today it was against our old club so we were desperate for a win. We were met at the door by BigFrank and Huffle had a good chat with him while I caught up with Angel. It's been a long time since her boy, Dan, was in the same team as Smallest. The game was quite tense as the boy that caused all the fighting at the last big game we were at, when we were at the old Club, was playing in his own inimitable style. This prompted Huffle to shout "still the same old *boys name* then, to which his Dad, who also caused a fight at the aforementioned game, shouted "it's soccer not water polo". The Coach shushed us and came over at the end and said calm down, no need to be like that, that's not our level! Huffle said "yes I am at that level, I like that level". Unfortunately the other team won by 2-1. It was disappointing as we would have loved to have beaten them. Smallest was very upset by his teammates lack of quality. He didn't get to play in the position he wanted and the Coach wasn't our favourite today.

We went off for a nice dinner and a couple of games of Monopoly Deal. On the way home we popped to the shops for some essentials and came home for a chill. Smallest went in the bath, Small read and Huffle and I had a a cup of tea.

We all played a dice bowling game which I won and then Huffle and Small went to Small's football game where they also lost. Small wasn't too pleased with his coach.

This evening, Huffle and I watched Dunkirk. Very powerful. Very good.


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