Tuesday, 2 January 2018

What's your button preference?

Today we decided to brace the elements and go for a walk after we bought some snowboard boots for Smallest. He starts his ski club after school next Wednesday and his silly feet have grown once again! Luckily we have a shop here that allows you to trade in old boots for new or used ones. We took three of his old boots back. He found a used pair that fit nicely and we traded in two pairs which paid for the new ones and then got $24 back on the third pair. Not bad considering we didn't pay much for them all in the first place. Now he is ready for his lessons which he hasn't done with the school before.

We went to the lake to see if we could walk long enough to get our appetite up and ended up at the harbour. It was bitterly cold with icy blustery winds. The lake, apparently, had frozen on New Years Eve and then the water got choppy and broke it all up. It was sooo very cold but looked absolutely breathtaking. I almost got frost bite trying to take photos without a glove and then my phone shut down it was so cold!

Huffle is pointing at Smallest's head!

We attempted to walk down the beach but it was just too cold and we headed back to the car and had fish and chips nearby. The food wasn't great but it did a job.

It seems it was THAT cold today that Toronto Zoo put the penguins away.

On the way home the boys all went to Dollarama looking for DAP (hole filler) while Moo and I did a bit of food shopping.

We came home, got warm and played SkipBo while the boys did a chore and played FIFA which Huffle joined in with once we beat him twice.

We all played Kingdomino several times and then watched KongSkullIsland which is the perfect just before bed film. We managed to watch the whole thing.

This evening, after the boys went to bed, we watched TheUndateables which was THE best one so far. So funny, such brilliant editing. We also watched the Christmas FirstDates which inspired the conversation "how many buttons should you have done or undone?" Moo decided three buttons was too many on a man as she didn't want to see his chest hair and I said I hated to see all buttons done up. Huffle likes just the top button undone unless he's wearing a tie!


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