Sunday, 28 January 2018

Four Free

The FamilyHall spent a day in today.  The weather was okay but we were all tired and a little under the weather.  Sore throats, headaches, aches and pains.  Nothing too bad but we just felt like a day in.

Huffle and I had a lie-in and then we made Sunday pancakes.  Small asked for big ones today so we tried but Smallest couldn’t flip or turn them and when I tried to flip, mixture went everywhere.  They were nice but too big for me and too hard to make.  Back to small ones in the future.

The rest of the morning was spent doing our own thing.  I continued to crochet, Huffle played on his tablet and the boys played on FIFA.

We played Q-bitz (Small won) and Blokkus (I won) before lunch when Smallest made us Quesadillas which we ate in front of Thor Ragnarok.  How has this film turned into a comedy, not that I mind but I don’t remember any of the others being quite so funny.  My favourite person in it was Korg (who also directed the film).

This afternoon I made mini baguettes from my PaulHollywood Bread book.  Not too much faff.  Mainly made in the mixer with proving and shaping.  They were delicious and we had them later with  Pork for Smallest and Huffle and Fish Fingers for Small and I.

The boys played more on FIFA and I did some more crocheting.

I think we had a mini storm this evening.  I’m sure I heard thunder rumbling and a few of us had headaches.  Strange time of year for a storm but it was considerably warmer today.   The snow has pretty much gone.  Yay.

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