Tuesday, 16 January 2018

High five from the IronMan

I was woken by Small telling me there were no bus cancellations (I think he was secretly hoping he would get a day off school again). The temperatures seem to have warmed a little, still -7*. We had another dusting of snow this evening but other than that the sun has been shining today.

The boys went to school. Small had a high five from his English Teacher which is an unheard of thing (it was because he had his own opinion and didn't agree with what everyone else was saying, including his teacher. Good for him). Small also did his EQAO Maths test part1. For his practice he got a 94% and only just missed out on a 98% because he forgot to circle an answer). He has a 'ha,ha bet' with his friend that he will get 100% on part 2. Smallest tried out for Dodgeball and he thinks he did well.

A message Smallest left for Huffle on his car

I went to work and left Huffle clearing the drive of snow again! It was just me and Jeff today. MrsM was up at the house making 'hot biscuits' which turned out to be a bit scone-like but lighter. We made cuttings of Pelargoniums, Plectranthus and Salvia before going for coffee and hot biscuits, straight from the oven, served with jam and butter, yum yum. We sat talking for ages and watching the birds feeding outside the window before going back to the greenhouse and finishing off the cuttings. For Christmas, Aunt Pear bought us some Bluebell and Snowdrop bulbs. I asked Jeff what to do with them because the snow is still so high and the ground frozen. I'm to take them in next week where we will put them up and keep them in the greenhouse until the snow clears. They can stay in the pots in our garden until they finish blooming and can then go into the garden. The snowdrops won't be a problem but the bluebells don't grow so well here so we need to make sure they are in a sheltered place well covered by deep snow in the Winter. Interestingly, the bluebells we can grow here are Spanish and we can achieve the look of an English Bluebell wood by mainly growing the Spanish ones and not the English ones. Funny, you'd think Spain would be warmer but they probably come from the mountains. Anyway, we'll give it a go.

Huffle had lunch nearly ready when I got back and we watched a Gotham whilst eating. This afternoon I put some washing on, FaceTimed Moo and did some crocheting. Smallest's blanket is coming along, slowly but surely. I seem to make a mistake every row but am learning as I go along too.

Shame it's a Stoke badge

The boys came home and both had homework and disappeared to their rooms to get on with it. I made meatballs and pasta for dinner. The boys came to ask for a chore so they could play on FIFA and I challenged them to find their own chore. Smallest chose to empty the tumbledryer and fold the clothes (I later found out he had done a terrible job. Must give him some folding lessons). Small chose to do a number of smaller things but I was impressed by their decisions.

After dinner they finished their FIFA game while Huffle and I went for a Hamlet walk. Cold but not too cold, still the need for hats, gloves, scarves and big coats! Huffle helped Smallest get his snowboarding gear together for tomorrow and we talked to him about needing to buy drinks (he forgot last time) and for his friends to wait for him for dinner or tell him when they were going (he ate by himself). Plus how he cold go inside and have a hot chocolate or a water and a chill if he got too tired. He seems so much younger than Small did when he did the ski club but he isn't. We gave him money, he packed everything away and went off to bed. He is at that age where he challenges everything I say. He drives me crazy. I guess he's got hormones and is getting older and testing the boundaries. He better not be turning into a teenager. Far too early for that!

Huffle has put a spreadsheet on my IPad so I can organise my trip. Very complicated.


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