Thursday, 4 January 2018

StAndrews in a building

Moo and I had to get up early in order to leave everyone else at home while MrsChristmas drove us 80 minutes away to a warehouse selling fabrics, wool, sewing paraphernalia and all sorts of everything. It reminded me of a similar place we went to in Southampton, Ontario. MrsChristmas drives a van which is very comfortable and warm. She let me use her coccyx cushion in the car which seemed to work very well. Moo sat in the front and I sat in the back, way back. We went along the toll road which made it seems less of a distance but I think we travelled around 140km. MrsChrstims bought plenty. I bought a bag full of wool and Moo bought nothing. We were in Cambridge but it was no Cambridge I had ever been been to.

This was only half of the size with five or six more aisles!!

We decided to go for something to eat and ended up in Paris. Once again, it was not anywhere near like the Paris I remember. We chose to eat at a restaurant that was a chain I had heard of before but not been to. After many questions to our waiter, we all decided on a pasta with Alfredo sauce and Broccoli. MrsChristmas had a soup first (the waiter couldn't tell me if it was a vegetable base as he couldn't find anything on the list of ingredients which didn't fill us with confidence) and our pasta came soon after. The pasta was cold so we sent it back. When it came back, hot, we had to send it back because it was dry and the sauce had disappeared. We asked for more sauce which came cold. We decided the broccoli was frozen originally, the pasta had been cooked and reheated and the sauce was a watered down version of a sauce in a jar. At this point we abondoned our dinner and called for the Manager. She came to talk to us with hardly any voice and was obviously ill (she should not have been there). She offered us something else but we declined. The only thing we had to pay for was the soup and we left a tip for the waiter as he did his best.

MrsChristmas drove us on to another crafty shop about 30 minutes away. I did buy a Coccyx cushion here but they seemed to have the same wool and although I was very tempted by a lovely blanket pattern and accompanying wool, I didn't get it, YET! On the way home we stopped off for a cake and a drink before making our long way home. Thank you MrsChristmas for taking us out for the day.

The boys had gone to an indoor Golf place where they played a simulated game of golf at StAndrews, Scotland. They had a good time. Smallest said he wasn't very good though. The boys wore their new Christmas golf gloves. I think it might be something we, or they, do again.

It has turned even colder with temperatures this evening falling to -35 to -40 overnight and into the weekend. The boys originally asked to snowboard but it was just too chilly! This has been a mighty cold Winter so far.

We went out for dinner, played a game and a half of Monopoly Deal and came home.

Oh tonight it's getting really really cold!!!!


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