Tuesday, 19 March 2013

All by myself

All the boys went off this morning. I had a quick workout that was cut short due to the Eliptical bleeping madly (and because I am partly deaf at the moment - need to get my ears syringed - I thought the sound was coming from upstairs). I ran about the house looking for the noise until I realised it was coming from the machine I was standing on - DOH! I had to take the batteries out to stop it, which then meant I had no idea how far I had gone or for how long, so I just stopped.

When the boys had gone. I had breakfast and then got on with the loft painting. Coat No2 of the Skirting (baseboards) and window surrounds. I even started to paint the window in the computer room but I think it needs a bit of a rub down first so I will do that another day. I listened to Radio One whilst working and soon got through it all. (Yesterday I listened to Zane Lowe interviewing Jake Bugg. His music is brilliant and I love it. He is so young too and comes from a town very close to where we came from). I cleaned up my mess and put the furniture back. It was really hard getting the tape off the floor. I'm not sure it's going to be a good idea to use the same tape on the boards to finish off the walls!

It snowed some more, then stopped, then started, then carried on, then stopped. Although I am fed up with it, it was really nice snow today. All soft and bouncy.

By the time I had finished it was lunchtime so I stopped for a toasted Bagel in front of The Good Wife. Unfortunately it had only recorded 17 mins of it so I decided to go shopping for food. I was supposed to buy Small a Protractor but I forgot.

I came home, put the shopping away and started a Carrot, Tomato and Spinach Soup for dinner, plus a Rice Pudding. The boys came home, both in very silly moods. Small did his homework which was very interesting and I would like to share it with you. (Plus my answers)

If you were one of the Seven Dwarfs, which one would you be? I'd like to be Sleepy. (grumpy). Small's are in brackets.

Instrument? Saxophone (French Horn) Cereal? Cornflakes (porridge) Food? Pavlova (ice cream) Superhero? An invisible one (not all the time just be able to become invisible sometimes ha ha.) (Hulk) Radio Station? Chill FM (Radio One)

Anyway, the rest of his homework he had to guess what one of the characters from his book would choose. Good homework, uses the imagination, I like that!

So, the boys put their stuff away and asked if they could play on the computer. I told Small he could as soon as he did one more thing, it began with an 'H'. He said HONK? Yes that's right, I want you to honk before you go on the computer. Silly Billy. He got it eventually - it was a hug for me. Then Small told Smallest he could play too but only after he had done something beginning with a 'k'. He thought it was CupCake! I got my kiss though! I briefly skyped Grandma.

I carried on making dinner. Huffle came home and we all ate, but not before the kids showed me their 'Happy Dance'.

Huffle took Small to cubs. Tonight it was a Dusk Hike in the forest. Small went off with his Head Lamp strapped to his hat. We bought it him for Christmas so we are glad it has finally come in useful. I got the rest of the tape off the floor in the loft and organised a bit more of the room. Huffle and I put the blinds up. Smallest played on the computer "look at this Mummy!" "Ooh do you want to see this?" "Do you want to have a go?" "Shall I show you how to play?" NOT REALLY, BUT THANKS ANYWAY.

Small had a great time but he was very tired when he eventually came back. His head lamp worked very well.

Huffle watched TV with a pot of tea poo (tea leaves) and rice pudding. Yum.

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