Wednesday, 6 March 2013

Starting to melt

Smallest and I were at home today. MrDuck joined us late morning and got on with various tasks. Finished vacuuming the loft with help from Smallest. Moo skyped. She has booked her next trip. June. Right, what have we run out of? Not much I hope because she couldn't get upgraded which means she can only bring one case! Arrrrgggghhhhh. Oh well, she doesn't need many clothes, he he he.

We did some more painting of crockery and then Smallest and a bath.

We had lunch, played Mousetrap, read a story, tried to play Pictionary (I didn't have the patience today and Smallest couldn't read the words or understand what they were). I did a bit of knitting whilst Smallest watched TV.

We went outside to play. We made a slope for the sledge using the slide - it sounds more dangerous than it was, though I did get my head stuck !). We went off for a walk down to the bottom of the garden,

Smallest walking with purpose
Off he goes

.........through the wooded area at the back and across the field to Mrs Royals garden.

It was a good walk as the snow was so high that we kept disappearing into it. The view was amazing though and the photo taking opportunity was great.

He found a tree and pretended it was a boat.

Seed heads, trees, lots of bright snow, trees - lovely.

Smallest collected the post - look at the snow up to the top of the box opening. I skyped Grandma.

I started on dinner and Small came home. The boys played on the computer. Huffle came home and we all ate. We all played Pictionary. Smallest's drawings were amazing. For a five year year old, he doesn't even need to think about how to draw something, as long as he knows the word, he just gets on with it.

While they got ready for bed, Huffle and I played TableTennis and then went up and read their stories.

Time to chill now.

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